10 Electric Dual-Type Pokémon to Try

Electric is one of the best types of Pokémon in the game, but which Dual-Electric Pokes should any Pokémon try?

One of the most interesting types in the entire Pokémon series is the Electric-type. It shares the distinction of possessing the fewest weaknesses with Normal. As such, if a pure electric type could float above the ground, for example, by Levitate’s ability, they would essentially have no weaknesses.

The Electric-type is extremely powerful against both Water and Flying since it cannot be paralyzed. Dragon, Grass, and Electric are all resistant to it, but it has little effect on Ground. A Gym Leader, or Trial Captain in Alola’s case, is an Electric-type specialist in six of the eight regions. Although a second type can be used against an Electric-type since it adds additional weaknesses, it can also provide the Pokémon with new and special combat abilities.

10. Lanturn

Lanturn Pokémon 10 Electric Dual-Type Pokémon to Try Yehiweb

Lanturn is one of those Pokémon that almost everyone wishes they could use in a game but almost never do. Lanturn, a dual Water/Electric-type mon, debuted in Generation II. It and its pre-evolution Chinchou can be used in a variety of games, and its unusual typing allows it to avoid five different forms while possessing only two weaknesses.

In terms of statistics, Lanturn, on the other hand, is a letdown. It has a lot of HP but a lot of flaws in other areas, rendering it an unbalanced Pokémon. Lanturn can be a powerful water type in any Johto player if used correctly. However, it is unlikely to make a splash in the professional scene anytime soon.

9. Togedemaru

Togedemaru Pokémon 10 Electric Dual-Type Pokémon to Try Yehiweb

This dual-type Electric/Steel porcupine, introduced in Generation VII, is a strange Pokémon. It has three vulnerabilities as a result of its typing, plus a quad vulnerability to Ground. It makes up for it, though, with an insane eleven resistances and immunity to Poison.

However, Togedemaru is not flawless. It has mediocre stats, a particularly poor Special Attack, and is unable to master any Steel-type moves by leveling up. Togedemaru is a classic example of a Pokémon in desperate need of an evolution. Unfortunately, it does not seem that this will happen anytime soon.

8. Arctozolt

Arctozolt Pokémon 10 Electric Dual-Type Pokémon to Try Yehiweb

Without a doubt, the Galar fossils are among the most fascinating Pokémon ever created. They can be unpleasant to look at due to the fact that they are made up of two pieces from different Pokémon, but their sheer strength more than compensates for their contentious appearances.

Arctozolt has overall balanced stats, but for its mediocre Speed, which has a Base Stat Total of 505. It does, however, inherit three disadvantages from its secondary type due to its dual Electric/Ice type. Even if it is not exactly a star Pokémon, it is always exciting enough to earn a spot on the roster.

7. Emolga

emolga Pokémon 10 Electric Dual-Type Pokémon to Try Yehiweb

Emolga, one of the more well-known Pikachu clones, maybe a real pain to fight. Because of its dual Electric/Flying type, it loses its vulnerability to both Ground and Electric (in particular, it becomes immune to both). It does, however, have two Flying-type vulnerabilities: Rock and Ice, despite having resistances to five other types.

The Base Stats of Emolga are nothing out of the ordinary. It has low HP but high speed, giving it the best chance of OHKOing in the first turn. However, if it is struck by an Ice Beam, things are likely to be over. Still, Emolga is an intriguing albeit gimmicky Pokémon, and as Gym Leader Elesa proved in Unova, if used correctly, it can be a very strong ally.

6. Vikavolt

Vikavolt Pokémon 10 Electric Dual-Type Pokémon to Try Yehiweb
Vikavolt is the perfect companion for the Generation VII games, as one of Alola’s most inspired Pokémon. Vikavolt, a dual Bug/Electric-type, makes the most of both of his typings. It is unquestionably one of the top-tier Bug types, with four resistances, one tolerance, and only two vulnerabilities.
Vikavolt’s 500 Base Stat Total is largely due to its insanely high 145 Special Attack. Unfortunately, not everything is flawless, and this bug is hindered by its poor Speed and average HP, Attack, and Special Defense. Yet, with the SP., Atk., and a large and varied move pool, Vikavolt’s advantages outweigh his disadvantages.

5. Magnezone

Magnezone Pokémon 10 Electric Dual-Type Pokémon to Try Yehiweb
Magnezone, like Togedemaru, is an Electric/Steel-type Pokémon. It also has a four-fold vulnerability to Ground, but it can learn Magnet Rise at level 28, effectively making it resistant to it. Magnezone, on the other hand, is a complete beast, unlike Togedemaru.
It is an outstanding Special Attacker with a high Defense and an impressive 535 Base Stat Total. Magnezone has an average Speed, but with eleven resistances, one immunity, and just two drawbacks after Magnet Rise, it is undoubtedly one of the strongest Electric-type members.

4. Toxtricity

Toxtricity Pokémon 10 Electric Dual-Type Pokémon to Try Yehiweb
Toxtricity, another Galar mon, is unquestionably one of the coolest-looking Pokémon in the franchise. It only has two drawbacks, one of which is a quad susceptibility to Ground due to its dual Electric/Poison typing. Nonetheless, it overcomes these setbacks by fending off eight different kinds of attacks.
Toxtricity has a fantastic 502 Base Stat Total. Its Special Attack is obviously its strongest suit, but it has otherwise good and well-balanced numbers. Toxtricity also has a Gigantamax shape, which makes it much cooler and solidifies its status as one of Galar’s brightest and most spiky stars.

3. Dracozolt

Dracozolt Most Powerful Dual Type Pokémon of the 8th Generation, Ranked Yehiweb
Dracozolt is yet another notable Galar fossil that is fascinating to study. It is out of proportion, strange, and perhaps off-putting, but it is also a force to be dealt with.
Dracozolt is a dual-type Electric/Dragon mon with all of the weaknesses of both types. Dracozolt is an efficient and trustworthy member for a Galarian playthrough, with six resistances, a strong move pool that can be greatly extended through TR, and healthy stats that add up to a total of 505.

2. Rotom

Rotom Pokémon 10 Electric Dual-Type Pokémon to Try Yehiweb
Rotom is perhaps the most gimmicky Pokémon in the pantheon of gimmicky Pokémon. Rotom is an Electric/Ghost-type introduced in Generation IV with the unusual ability to own those appliances while changing shape and type in the process. For eg, if it has a microwave oven, it becomes Electric/Fire, and if it has a lawnmower, it becomes Electric/Grass.
Rotom is average on its own. It has a total of 440 base stats and poor HP and Attack. It becomes significantly more effective in all of its appliance types, however. Its Total rises to 520, and although its HP stays poor, its Defense, Special Attack, and Special Defense all improve significantly, transforming it into a full-fledged weapon.

1. Alolan Raichu

Alolan Raichu Pokémon 10 Electric Dual-Type Pokémon to Try Yehiweb
Regional variants were one of Generation VII’s most unexpected and well-received updates. The second types of iconic Pokémon like Ninetales and Meowth added a fun, unexpected twist to the game. Raichu is the coolest and most unexpected Alolan form.
Not only did it get a brand-new look, but it was also given the Psychic secondary form, which took it in a completely different direction. It inherits three shortcomings as well as two resistances from Psychic. It is more like a Special Attacker than the standard version, but their stat totals are same. And any Pokémon that is cool enough to ride its own tail deserves all of your time.