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Google Releases the Long-Awaited Google Maps Update for Android Auto

Google Releases the Long-Awaited Google Maps Update for Android Auto 

While Google Maps is frequently the first choice for consumers looking for simple navigation on their phones or in their cars using Android Auto and CarPlay, it’s no secret that occasional glitches still occur, making the whole experience unpleasant.

Google Maps Update

This is exactly what some unfortunate Android Auto users are experiencing right now, as they discovered that using Google Maps for navigation is a massive pain in the neck because the software no longer displays the route they should take.

To put it another way, Google Maps starts up and runs OK, but after setting up a route, the app fails to display it accurately on the map, so users must rely on the voice directions to figure out which direction to travel.

The issue has been reported in both the phone and automobile versions of Android Auto, with users reporting that it appears on occasion for no apparent reason.

The good news is that Google has figured out what’s causing the issue, and a member of the Android Auto team just revealed on the official forums that a remedy is already included in the most recent upgrades.

If you’ve experienced the problem detailed above, you should download and update the most recent Google Maps and Android Auto app versions to ensure the navigation app is functioning properly.

“Thanks for all your feedback reports. The Geo team has addressed this issue. We recommend updating the Google Maps app and Android Auto app to the latest version and let us know if the issue still persists. Thanks!” said a Google Community Specialist.

Meanwhile, Google is applying the last touches on a new Android Auto update, with version 6.5 expected to arrive in just a few weeks, presumably with even more changes, though we’ll learn more when it arrives.

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