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Is Bitcoin Prime a Free Platform? We’re Taking a Look at This Autonomous Crypto Trading Platform

Is Bitcoin Prime a Free Platform? We’re Taking a Look at This Autonomous Crypto Trading Platform 

Do you have some savings and want to invest in creating a source of passive income? Have you heard about the cryptocurrency market but do not know much about it? Do you also want to invest in cryptocurrency but are afraid of the sudden ups and downs in its value? All your queries can be solved by one platform that is Bitcoin Prime.

Bitcoin Prime is an autonomous crypto trading platform that is used by thousands of people around the world. This robot is designed by using advanced AI technologies and complex mathematical algorithms that make sure it stays ahead of the trade market.

The robot has a win rate of almost 90%, which shows the height of accuracy and efficiency. All the ups and downs in the value of different cryptocurrencies and other factors that can affect the crypto market are focused on by the robot in real-time. Then this data is further processed to make a profit-winning trade by the robot on your behalf.

The robot opens and closes the trade when it sees a profit in the trade. The platform claims that the robot works 24\7 and does not require you to be online all the time.

Is Bitcoin Prime free to use?

Whenever you see a platform that is helping you earn a profit, you always see fees, hidden charges, and commissions. This is a necessary thing, and every platform has some charges.

But you might be surprised, as Bitcoin Prime has no such fees or hidden charges. Is this not amazing and unexpected?

Let’s tear it into pieces and discuss whether Bitcoin Prime is free or it has hidden charges?



You will see every online platform has a registration fee for sure. It does not depend on whether you are buying a normal account or a pro account. You must first have to pay before earning.

In Bitcoin Prime, you are not asked to pay a registration fee to create an account. You just need to put some information with a login password to create your account. There is no such fee or hidden charges at the time of registration.

Deposit fee

Bitcoin on Phone

Deposit of money in your account is free, and you are never asked to pay extra when you deposit. You can make multiple deposits in a single month and will receive the whole amount in your account.

Withdraw fee

At the time of withdrawal, you are mostly charged with a fixed percentage. But Bitcoin Prime has no such charges even when you are going to withdraw your profit or the whole amount. You can make a withdrawal at any time, and money will be transferred to your bank account within 24 hours.


Bitcoin Prime charge only 2% at profitable accounts. This means if you have not earned a profit yet, you will not be charged even a single penny. Whenever your account makes a profit, 2% of the commission will be auto-deducted from the amount.

In Conclusion

Bitcoin Prime has no hidden fees and only operates on a commission plan which is great for many small-time investors.

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