Charizard is one of the most well-known Pokémon mascots, but it is not as powerful or versatile as players would expect, causing it to be overrated.

Charizard is one of the most well-known of the Pokémon series’ various mascots. The dragon-like Kanto starter has been making headlines in the Pokémon world for 25 years, right alongside Pikachu. Charizard is possibly one of the most famous Pokémon in the series, with Charizard TCG cards selling for thousands of dollars online and fans vying to catch or exchange for Charmanders to evolve in Pokémon games. When it comes to Charizard as a Pokémon, though, it is not as powerful or useful as players might assume.

Charizard is the Kanto region’s third evolution of the Fire-type starter Charmander. It rose to fame as Ash’s boisterous and disobedient friend during the Indigo League in the Pokémon animated series. Mega-Evolution in X and Y, where it has two separate shapes, and Gigantamax in Sword and Shield have also featured Charizard in recent games with exclusive new combat mechanics. Although these forms are strong, Charizard still suffers from a major disadvantage as a combat Pokémon due to its type.

Despite its dragon-like appearance, Charizard’s only encounter with the Dragon-type is when it Mega Evolves into Charizard X. It is a Fire/Flying-type otherwise. The ground has an x4 weakness to Fire/Flying, Water has an x2 weakness, and Electric has an x2 weakness. Charizard is easy to take out and has a limited range of attack styles, depending mainly on hard hits and a little strategy. While it can pack a punch with Fire-type moves like Flare Blitz and can learn a few Dragon-type moves, it is easy to take out and can learn a few Dragon-type moves.

The popularity of Charizard has created problems for fans

The popularity of Charizard has created problems for fans Yehiweb

Charizard’s popularity has created problems for fans of the series, including those who play the Pokémon trading card game. Card packs featuring new versions of Charizard are in high demand, and this Pokémon card craze has resulted in shortages. Streamers on YouTube like ADrive spend thousands of dollars doing card-pack openings on their sites, explicitly searching for Charizard cards. As a result, TCG fans who wish to buy packs to play have been unable to do so, and would either go without or order from online scalpers.

Other Pokémon are unable to compete with Charizard because of its enormous popularity. It will be nice for fans of other starters Pokémon like Fennekin or Bulbasaur to see their personal favorites get a Gigantamax form or be used as a special battle buddy in future Pokémon animated series titles, similar to how Pokémon’s Ash can retire from the anime to make way for new heroes. While Charizard will still have a special place in the hearts of many fans, the series could benefit from a change of pace from concentrating on other species.