As part of raid battles, Mega Gengar is currently available. This guide shows players how this powerful Mega Evolution can be found and captured.

In Pokemon Go, Mega Gengar is making a big comeback. This guide will instruct players on where to find and catch this Pokemon. Mega Evolution was the first set of new content for the Kalos region in Pokemon Go.

It served as a means to put back older Pokemon with new abilities and typings when it was first used in Pokemon X and Y. Mega Evolutions were given to Pokemon like Blaziken, Gardavoir, Weavile, Mawile, and others, but Gengar was arguably the best. It had a high special-attack stat and was extremely fast. That is also the same in Pokemon Go. Players will learn how to capture their own Mega Gengar in this guide.

Mega Gengar is making a comeback in Raid Battles. Mega Raids are some of the most difficult battles that players can take part in. It is recommended that you participate in a Mega Gengar raid with at least 5 other players in your party. It would be much quicker to overcome it as a result of this. If the player has accomplished it, they will be able to catch their own regular Gengar, which will come complete with Mega Energy, allowing them to Mega Evolve it. This is how players can get their hands on a Mega Gengar in Pokemon Go.

Find (& Catch) Mega Gengar in Pokemon Go

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Plays must collect 200 Gengar Mega Energy in order to evolve a Gengar into a Mega Gengar. To do this, players must continue to take part in Mega Gengar Raids. You will be able to gain more Mega Energy as you complete more raids. It is worth noting that Mega Evolution is only good for a few hours, so use it when you will need Gengar the most.

The perfect time to Mega Evolve Gengar, in my experience, is when you are playing the game the most. This includes activities such as Community Day and Spotlight Hours, which require players to be vigilant. Mega Gengar, on the other hand, is an excellent asset to have in your team if you are attempting to finish Psychic-type Raid Battles. Future updates will gradually introduce more Mega Evolutions into the game. Mega Lopunny, who was recently added to the team, is the most recent inclusion. Since they are in a separate part of the Pokedex, make sure you catch them all. It just comes down to capturing them all.