In 2019, the majestic-looking mind-boggling skateboarding game ‘Skate City‘ was released exclusively on Apple Arcade by developer Agents Games and publisher Snowman. Now, the long-awaited game is finally available on a few consoles and PC.

There are not nearly enough skateboarding video games available. Skate City was first released on Apple Arcade in 2019, and after a major launch on May 6, it will soon be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

Skate City is a never-ending side-scrolling runner game that takes you through the dreamscapes of Los Angeles, Spain, Barcelona, Norway, and Oslo on an exciting skateboarding adventure that will leave you craving more. Skate City offers the character a specific line to skate and pull off antics like Tony Hawk, so no more bumping into others or sidewalks.

It is a simple-to-play but difficult-to-master game that gives you goosebumps every time you pull off a slow-motion stunt. There is a moving soundtrack playing in the background that will keep you glued to your seat, but you can still change it up with whichever gig you want while skating digitally.

Skate City employs a directional swipe system that allows players to control their characters and perform complicated skateboarding maneuvers such as sliding on railings. We love the visuals, and nothing can ever change the experience that hundreds of thousands of players around the world have when playing Skate City in stunning, mesmerizing, and well-known cities.

Release Date and availability of Skate City

Between the 29th of April and the 13th of May, you can pre-order it, so do not waste time; just get it. On 6 May, on $14.99, Skate City will be heading for the Steam and Epic Games Store. If you act quickly, you will get it for $9.99 for the first week after delivery. This game debut in Barcelona, Oslo, and Los Angeles. In the first three cities. However, we are very doubtful that it will reach the PC until its arrival the next month. Apple Arcade introduced the Miami stage last year.