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The April 2021 Xbox Games With Gold lineup revealed.

The April 2021 Xbox Games With Gold lineup revealed. 

For the month of April, Xbox has released a list of games that will be included in Xbox Games with Gold. Gold members of the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S can get free access to four new games. The April Games with Gold lineup is valued at about $130 and has a Gamerscore of 3200. Take a look at the games mentioned below.

Vikings: Wolves of Midgard (Available April 1 to 30)

viking game xbox yehiweb

Journey to the Shores of Midgard, a mythological world with a fantasy twist. Form a notorious team of Viking warriors in the battle against the terrifying Jotan and the Ragnarok beasts. Master mighty weapons such as swords and shields, two-handed hammers, spears, and arrows, and kill Fimbulwinter’s fiendish monsters, which seek to wipe out all existence.

Truck Racing Championship (Available April 16 to May 15)

Truck Game xbox Yehiweb

In a brand new racing experience, take the wheel of massive 5-ton, 1,000 horsepower semi-trucks. Run 45 different trucks on 14 different circuits around the world in this game that contains all of the special obstacles of the European Truck Racing Championship. When cornering, consider the truck’s weight, keep an eye on tire wear, and figure out the best strategies for winning the race.

Dark Void (Available April 1 to 15)

dark void game xbox yehiweb

Step into the Void, an ominous mirror universe teeming with hostile aliens and shrouded in mystery. Dark Void features formidable weapons, with an exciting dynamic generated by a mix of ground-based fighting and jetpack-powered dogfights. In this epic journey, experience the smooth transition between war and flight.

Uprising Hard Corps (Available April 16 to 30)

uprising game xbox yehiweb

Hard Corps: Uprising is a retro run-and-gun action game. In the grueling trenches of Arcade mode, you can write your own legend, or in Rising mode, you can upgrade and raise up your soldier, where only the best of the best can succeed and gain absolute victory.

None of these games are particularly exciting, as you can possibly see. The community’s reaction reveals that gamers are dissatisfied with the lack of variety of titles. In the coming months, we should hopefully expect higher-quality games from Games Of Gold.

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