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Online footage of a long-lost Sonic game has surfaced

Online footage of a long-lost Sonic game has surfaced 

Sonic Kart 3DX, the 2005 mobile Sonic racing game that was only available on a single phone, has finally been launched online.

Sonic games have been developed by Sega for several years (with differing degrees of success), including a series of racing games that began with Sonic Drift. While it was never able to compete with Mario Kart as the de-facto kart racing game, it did give birth to the first mobile Sonic racing game in 2005.

Sonic Kart 3DX was the name of the game. Sega launched this mobile sonic kart racer on the Sonic Cafe, a short-lived mobile platform that was only available in Japan for a limited number of flip phones. You also had to pay a monthly subscription fee of $315, which was in addition to your regular cell phone bill.

Sonic Cafe, of course, only lasted a few years. Sega hadn’t quite worked out mobile monetization yet, and the technology hadn’t quite progressed to the extent that you could play good games on your phone.

As a result, Sonic Kart 3DX and Sonic Cafe were both discontinued in 2007. It has been lost to time since then, but it has recently resurfaced online, where it can be played using emulator tools.

Sonic Kart 3DX wasn’t exactly cutting-edge when it came out in 2005. The footage below clearly demonstrates that mobile phones were not as effective miniature computers as they are today. Other than the level music, there are some incredibly focused 3D backgrounds, pixelated graphics, and very minimal sound effects.

Aside from that, the game plays like any other racer. In the corner, there’s a speedometer, a map, a timer, and two camera angles to pick from. That’s all there is to it. You can compete against other Sonics online or do personal time attacks.

When you compare Sonic Kart 3DX to the kind of Sonic game that can be made as a hobby within another game, you can see how far we’ve come in the last 15 years.

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