If you look at the USB properties and find that Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems (code 43), you have run into one of the most common hardware device issues in Windows 10 – error code 43. Fortunately, we have listed all of the possible solutions to error code 43.

What Does Error Code 43 Means?

What Does Error Code 43 Means Yehiweb

There are many Device Manager error codes, including Code 43. It is generated when the System Manager disables a hardware device because it reported to Windows that it is experiencing an unspecified issue.

This generic message could indicate a genuine hardware issue, or it could merely indicate a driver error that Windows is unable to detect, but which is affecting the hardware.

Almost always, it will appear in the following format:
Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)

The Code 43 error can affect any hardware device in Device Manager, but it is most common on video cards and USB printers, webcams, iPhones, and other peripherals.

Fixed: Windows 10’s Code 43 Error on USB/External Hard Drive

3 Quick Fixes for Error Code 43:

  1. Unplug and replug the device, switch the USB port.
unplug replug usb devices yehiweb

2. Replace the connection cable if it is broken and reconnect the device to the system.

Replace the connection cable Yehiweb

3. Unplug the problematic device and restart the system. Reconnect the device and check it after the PC has restarted.

restart pc windows 10 error yehiweb
Open disk management and check to see if your drive is detectable.

If the error code 43 is still present on your USB or other devices, you should try the following three methods:

Method 1: Update Device Driver to Fix Error Code 43 Device Unrecognized

If your USB drive has a hardware problem or the driver or driver software is out of date, you should try installing the most latest drivers for it. It is very likely that updating the device’s drivers would resolve the error code 43

Option 1: Install the latest USB/Device Driver

  • Step 1: Go to “Search” type device manager in the search box, and select “Device Manager” from the results.
device manger usb device driver yehiweb
  • Step 2: Locate and right-click the problematic device, then choose “Properties”
locate devices and choose properties usb error yehiweb
  • Step 3: Choose “Driver” from the drop-down menu, then “Update Driver”
locate devices and choose properties usb error yehiweb
  • Step 4: Select “Search automatically for updated driver software”
choose search automatically usb error yehiweb

Option 2: Roll Back USB Driver

If you updated the device driver before the error code 43 appeared, reverting to the previous version could be one of the options for resolving the issue.

  1. Step: Launch “Device Manager”
device manger usb device driver yehiweb

2. Step: Right-click the device driver and choose “Properties”

locate devices and choose properties usb error yehiweb

3. Step: Select “Driver” and then “Roll Back Driver”

choose roll back driver usb error yehiweb

Method 2: Reinstall the Device Driver to Fix Error Code 43

Reinstalling the device driver to fix error code 43 in Windows 10 has also been reported by some users. Uninstall and then reinstall the USB driver as follows:

  1. Step: Press Windows + S, type Device Manager into the search box, and click to open it.
device manger usb device driver yehiweb

2. Step: Expand the disk drive and right-click the faulty device, then choose “Uninstall”.

choose uninstall devices yehiweb

3. When you get an alert that you are about to remove a device from your system, press “OK”

warning choose uninstall yehiweb

4. Step: In Device Manager, right-click your computer’s name and select “Scan for hardware changes”. The Device Manager scans the system and reinstalls your device automatically.

choose scan for hardware changes Yehiweb

5. Step. In the Device status section of the General tab of the device Properties dialog box, you can see the message “This device is working properly”

device working properly yehiweb

Method 3: To Fix Error Code 43, Re-enable the Device

If you have tried method 2, you are probably already familiar with Device Manager. To re-enable your USB, simply navigate to:
  1. Step: Launch Device Manager and expand Disk drives.
device manger usb device driver yehiweb

2. Step: Right-click the problematic device that is displaying the error code 43 and pick “Disable Device”

3. Step: To confirm, click “Yes”

4. Step: Right-click the device again and pick “Enable Device”

device disable enable yehiweb

5. Step: Restart the computer to ensure that all changes are maintained.

After that, you should check to see if your device is working correctly.

Note: If your device is still showing the error code 34, proceed to the next section to extract your data and replace it with a new portable storage device. Bring the device in for repair if necessary.