Ubisoft introduced a new Rainbow Six attacker from Operation Crimson Heist, an Argentinian called Flores. He’s the 59th operator of the game, and he’s going to carry the heat with his explosive drone.

In Operation Crimson Heist the Rainbow Six roster is expanding and the attackers are at the forefront. Flores will appear in season 1, Year 6, and will be pounding.

Selected Argentinean package details, including its explosive drone gadget, have been leaked. So far, this is what we know about Flores, and when you can get the new operator in your hands.

Details of Flores: gadget, arms:

Reputable Rainbow Six Siege R6Leaks leaker posted our first in-game image of Flores. We already know it’s an explosive drone, but we finally know a bit about the function of the operator’s primary gadget. In addition to two standard drones which are available to any attacker, R6Leaks says that Flores carries four RCE drones.

The RCE drone will climb on, and defenders just have to “stop” using silent jammers, barbed wire, or ballets. The leaker, however, claims it “blows whatever.” There are two ways the drone could explode, “start the timed explosion and the end time.” It doesn’t stop there. It is not clear whether or not Mozzie can hack the RCE drone with his Pest launchers.

Crimson Heist Image Yehiweb

The RCE drone seems to be a fairly complicated tool, and it is not easier to understand due to the ambiguous leaks. All about the gadget is leak-based, so take it with a pinch of salt.

For his loadout, Flores is an AR33 and SR-25 main and GSH-18 secondary armor attacker with a double speed. He can choose from a claymore grenade for the secondary gadget. R6Leaks adds Flores will also have access to the latest secondary GONNE-6 system. This seems to be a new form of ‘hand cannon’ which fires an explosive round to kill bulletproof defender gadgets such as deployable shields.

When is Flores expected to be released at Rainbow Six?

As part of Operation Crimson Heist, Flores will be released. While no date of release has been confirmed, all the Y6S1 update information on the Rainbow six Twitch channel is revealed at 9:00 ET/12:00 PT/5:00 GMT on Feb. 21.

Usually, the operator will be released days later—first on the TTS and then on live servers, so keep a close eye on the release of Flores in March.