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This summer, the Call of Duty League returns to live events

This summer, the Call of Duty League returns to live events 

The Majors will be held in the Dallas Empire’s home stadium without an audience this year.

Since going online during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Call of Duty League is preparing a tentative return to in-person matches this June.

Activision had recently revealed plans to carry Overwatch esports back to stadiums, with three Chinese teams participating in this year’s Overwatch League season. Call of Duty’s return to on-site games will take place on the other side of the Pacific, with Major IV taking place at Arlington Stadium in Texas, home of the Dallas Empire.

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However, though teams will compete for face-to-face once again, don’t expect large crowds this year. Only teams and “limited League staff” will be in attendance, according to Activision, and the event will be planned for emergency Covid testing.

Activision Blizzard is taking precautions for its return to live esports events, but don’t expect online-only events to disappear with the epidemic. This year, the publisher laid off about 50 esports workers, explaining that, while live competitions would not go away entirely, it would concentrate more on streaming tournaments.

The Call of Duty League for this year is now in full swing, with the majority of the action taking place online. The next Major starts on Thursday, May 13th, with Major IV taking place in person from June 17 to 20.

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