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19 Best Games On Microsoft Store For Windows 10
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19 Best Games On Microsoft Store For Windows 10 

After years of being a joke, the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 has begun to establish itself as a reputable place for P.C. games. Many of these games are available as part of a low-cost monthly subscription with Xbox Game Pass for P.C., or you can purchase them outright with exclusive discounts after they leave the library.

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Here are our top picks for Best Games On Microsoft Store available on Windows 10. Microsoft has now released a dedicated Xbox app for P.C. games, meaning you do not have to sift through the leading Microsoft Store’s nightmare mix of strange and broken abandonware. That is fantastic!

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Best Games On Microsoft Store

Tactics based on turns:

Mutant Year Zero

Mutant Year Zero Game Yehiweb
Mutant Year Zero is a fantastic turn-based strategy game with an RPG twist. Centered on a popular 1980s tabletop RPG, a group of mutants carves out a life in a Swedish nuclear wasteland in a dystopian future. Mutant Year Zero is a sleek and rewarding strategy RPG well worth the time, with some excellent dialogue and writing.

$34.99 at Microsoft Store

To the Sky:

Microsoft Flight Simulator

MICROSOFT Flight Simulator game Yehiweb
Microsoft Flight Simulator is a game that puts players in the cockpits of various real-world aerospace vehicles in an epic full-world, 1:1 scale planetary simulation. Flight Sim is one of the best games in the store, with real-time weather effects based on live data, laser-scanned topography, and precise landmark locations.

$58.09 at CDKeys

$59.09 at Microsoft US

Epic turn-based JRPG:

Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest XI Game Yehiweb
The latest installation in the classic JRPG turn-based franchise is Dragon Quest XI. And it was released as part of Xbox Game Pass on the Microsoft Store. Dragon Quest XI is a 40-60 hour adventure packed with great characters, massive boss battles, and exciting combat.

$39.99 at Microsoft Store

Maintain a Hospital:

Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital game yehiweb
Two Point Hospital is a good option if you prefer anything a little more laid back. When you grow your pharmacological kingdom, you will be charged with establishing and managing your very own private hospital, tasked with treating all kinds of dreadful diseases and infections. Two Point Hospital is a warm nostalgic ride for fans of Theme Hospital and Theme Park. It is stunning, addictive, and enjoyable.

$23.39 at CDKeys

$27.92 at Fanatical

Conquer the wilderness:

The Long Dark

The Long Dark game yehiweb
The Long Dark is set in the frozen peaks of Canada during the aftermath of a freak ecological crisis that saw arctic temperatures envelop the continent in perpetual snow. After crash-landing in the frozen wastelands of the North, you must scavenge, search, and finally survive in one of the most brutal and long-lasting survival games ever made.

$29.99 at Microsoft Store

Charming platformer:

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Ori and the Will of the Wisps game Yehiweb
Moon Studios’ Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a tight, deep, beautiful, and evocative platformer. Ori and the Will of the Wisps, one of this generation’s best games, subverts the concept of a “side-scrolling platformer” with breathtakingly profound art, music, and storytelling. This is a game that you must play.

$14.99 at Microsoft Store

A timeless classic:

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition

Age of Empires II Definitive Edition game yehiweb Microsoft Store
The classic strategy game Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition is refined and modernized. Age of Empires II is a timeless masterpiece with beautiful remastered visuals, a boosted music score, refined A.I., and hours and hours of historically-inspired campaigns.

$19.99 at Microsoft Store

Best First-Person RPG:

The Outer Worlds

the outer worlds game yehiweb
Obsidian has reclaimed the top of the AAA RPG heap with The Outer Worlds, one of the best first-person RPGs of the generation. The Outer Worlds thrills with tight shooting, brilliant storytelling, and a spectacular sci-fi setting, drawing influence from Firefly, Cowboy Bebop, and other self-styled space Westerns.

$59.99 at Microsoft Store

Masterful Racing Game:

Forza Horizon 4

Forza horizon 4 game yehiweb
Forza Horizon 4 is an incredible racing game that represents the culmination of Playground Games’ contributions to the franchise. This beautiful reconstruction of classic British scenery, complete with seasonal changes, is the ultimate open-world arcade racing experience, and it is available on Windows 10.

$40.99 at Microsoft Store

Sci-Fi Strategy Game:

Halo Wars 2

Halo Wars 2 game Yehiweb
Halo Wars 2 is a sci-fi strategy game set in the popular Halo universe that is criminally underrated. Take on Atriox and his exiled covenant military junta in co-op and competitive player-versus-player modes in Halo Wars 2, an Xbox Play Anywhere game well worth a look.

$11.79 at CDKeys

Take On The High Seas:

Sea of Thieves

sea of thieves game yehiweb
Sea of Thieves is a massively connected sandbox with a colorful pirate adventure wrapped around it. Take on the high seas with up to three mates, fight leviathans, search for lost treasure, and customize your gear and ship. Sea of Thieves aims to navigate the perils of a persistent open world where any player could be your adversary.

$32.19 at CDKeys

Open-World Zombie Apocalypse Simulator:

State of Decay 2

state of decay 2 game yehiweb
State of Decay 2 is an apocalyptic zombie simulator in which a group of survivors is controlled. Since the zombie hordes are not going to give you a break, manage your resources, forge weapons, and expand your fortress. State of Decay 2 is a fast-paced action game that you can play with up to three friends.

$25 at Amazon

Infinite Cosmos:


Astroneer game yehiweb
Astroneer is a procedurally generated survival game set in an infinite cosmos where the only goal is to live and thrive. In a collective quest to colonize space, explore the local flora and fauna, learn increasingly complex machines and tools, and build vast settlements.

$29.99 at Microsoft Store

Vintage-Style World


cuphead game yehiweb
Cuphead is a beautifully hand-drawn side-scrolling platform shooter with a retro feel. Cuphead takes place in a retro-styled universe full of anthropomorphic creatures battling for the bad guys., The Devil himself, and takes influence from games like Contra and Gunstar Heroes. Cuphead is a lot of fun to play solo or in a two-player local co-op.

$19.99 at Microsoft Store

Mutant-Infested Apocalypse:

Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive game yehiweb
Sunset Overdrive is a hilarious open-world action game set in a vivid, mutant-infested post-apocalyptic world. The local populace has been transformed into crazed freaks by a poisoned soft drink, and It is your responsibility to find out what is going on. In one of the generation’s most underappreciated romps, grind your way Tony Hawk-style around an action-packed playground.

$19.99 at Green Man Gaming

Timeless Creativity and Exploration:


minecraft game yehiweb
Minecraft is, without a doubt, the best and most popular game available on the Microsoft Store. This is the Bedrock Edition of the app, which means you can play with your mates on any other platform that supports it (namely PC, Xbox, PS4, Switch, mobile, and even V.R.). Timeless creativity and exploration are waiting for you.

$22.39 at CDKeys

Classic Survival Horror:

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

resident evil biohazard game yehiweb
Capcom’s revival began with Resident Evil 7, which returned to the classic survival horror style it had largely discarded with Resident Evil 5 and 6. As a result, the game is one of the finest in the franchise, packaged in a sleek first-person shooter with harrowing graphics and thrilling combat.

$8.39 at CDKeys

Lighthearted Hack n’ Slash:


moonlighter game yehwieb
Moonlighter is a lighthearted hack ‘n’ slash game with influences ranging from Zelda classics to Harvest Moon. Your aim in Moonlighter is to explore dangerous dungeons, searching for valuable artifacts and reagents to sell in your store. Your business will flourish as you upgrade your shop, helping you elevate your gear and take on more formidable enemies. It is addicting, entertaining, and fantastic.

$19.99 at Green Man Gaming

Climatological Apocalypse:


frost punk game yehiweb
Frostpunk is a post-apocalyptic survival simulator set in a post-apocalyptic world where civilization has been wiped out by a new ice age. You and a small group of refugees must recover, heat their houses, forage for food, and eventually survive the bitter winter, all while dealing with the fears and possible resistance of your people. Frostpunk is a work of art.

$09.09 at CDKeys

Microsoft Store: A Respectable Place To Buy Your Games

For the longest time, the Microsoft Store has become a bit of a joke, but due to increased Microsoft investment and Xbox Game Pass for P.C., it is beginning to become a respectable place to buy your games.

There are not many core games available on the Microsoft Store right now, but the ones that are must-haves that also have Xbox One cross-play or cross-buy capabilities. The Long Dark is one of my top five games of the generation, with some of the most frightening thrills I have ever had in a game.

Bluetooth headphones can be used with Xbox One

The randomly-generated loot and threats keep you on your toes as you brave an increasingly rugged wilderness, and the studio’s newly added plot elements are top-notch.Another favorite of mine is Mutant Year Zero. The atmosphere is appropriately dystopian, but it is set in a far future where historical artifacts have become the subject of gossip and speculation. As the apocalypse’s future inhabitants struggle to work out what simple household objects were meant back in the golden ages, some of the item details are funny. The script is fantastic, and the gameplay is also enjoyable, and the game has a lot of promise as a franchise.

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