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How to Deal Damage to Descending Supply Drops in Fortnite Game

How to Deal Damage to Descending Supply Drops in Fortnite Game 

Fortnite Game

Players in Fortnite Game trying to boost their Battle Pass will want to keep an eye out for Supply Drops.

Every season, Fortnite invites players to complete a new series of epic quests, which are released on every Thursday. Dealing damage to descending supply drops is one of the challenges in Chapter 2, Season 6 Week 10. This is only one of the challenges available this week, and in order to do it, players must first complete the quest to destroy enemy structures in a modded vehicle.

During the course of a match, supply drops will appear on the map at random. With the aid of huge balloons, these blue crates fall to the ground. Players can interact with them to unlock them, gaining healing and shielding objects as well as ammunition and guns. Since they drop some high-value items, they can be a highly contested item in Fortnite matches.

It is easy to deal damage to supply drops when all players have to do is shoot them. They should fire the balloons rather than the blue crates. It is also worth noting that the damage done can only be recorded when the balloon is dropping. Any supply loss that has either hit the field or has come to a halt due to a tree or structure will be excluded from the challenge.

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Finding a Sniper Rifle is the true key to make this challenge as simple as possible. Finding a Sniper Rifle as ground loot or from a chest will have a significant edge in a game where any player on the map is looking to fire supply drops as soon as they appear. Players will be able to finish this challenge quickly thanks to the extended range and incredible one-shot damage. The standard models of the Sniper Rifle are still available in tournaments, even though there are no strange Sniper Rifle combinations in the Season 6 weapon pool.

On PC, players can maximize their efficiency by completing this challenge while still focusing on the Shadow Ruby pack’s challenges, which are available for free in the Item Shop. Since there is still too much to do in the Fortnite game, it makes sense for players to attempt and complete two or three tasks in a single match.

Fortnite players would want to get through the various challenges as soon as possible with just five weeks remaining in the season. Players will run out of time to gain experience to access all of the Chapter 2 Season 6 battle pass outfits as the season draws to a close. Weekly challenges are worth 24,000 XP, but completing them would help players easily rank up their war pass.

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