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Bulk message marketing is becoming more popular, so take advantage of it. 2021

Bulk message marketing is becoming more popular, so take advantage of it. 2021 

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Bulk SMS message marketing can be a highly effective customer communication channel, as it is one of the fastest-growing tools in a marketer’s arsenal. It enables companies to track, receive, and send SMS online messages worldwide. When conducting an SMS marketing campaign, you need to be confident that your messages are being delivered. You can rest assured that your messages will be read, since SMS messaging has guaranteed open rates of 98%.

In the business world, how big is SMS?

Text messages from Business to Consumer (B2C) are growing quickly. In 2020, the global mobile business messaging traffic, according to Juniper Research, hit 2.7 trillion, up 10% from 2019. Brands use SMS in various communication applications for their customers, including marketing communications, customer support, transaction messages, and more.

What drives SMS marketing growth?

In March-April 2020, cloud communications provider Infobip saw an increase of 8.5% and 20% in SMS marketing messages in February, respectively, due to a pandemic that certainly accelerated the adoption of SMS marketing. In the CommerceNext survey sponsored by Exponea, 51% of retail marketers reported their intention to increase their investments in messaging or SMS marketing in January 2020 and that they grew to 56% in June.

What are some of the challenges that SMS marketing encounters?

According to the researchers we talked with, SMS unsubscribe rates are higher than email unsubscribe rates when consumers open SMS marketing notifications more often than emails. SMS marketing messages are also regulated under federal law and when using shared short code, marketers should be aware of issues related to brand security.

How should SMS marketers prepare for 2021?

Marketers have to develop or audit their SMS marketing strategies, including what types of messages they send, how much and how long they are to send, and how their marketing lists grow.

1) Messages are opened almost always

You probably do email marketing — everyone is into it. What’s the best open pace you’ve ever had? Maybe 10% of the time? 20%?  When you do good, 30 percent? The level for Mailchimp is just over 21 percent in all industries.

The open rate for SMS messages is as high as 98 percent. Email is knocked out of the water by this.

The opt-out, on the other hand, is far from a negative thing for your messaging. In fact, it can be a perfect way of creating trust in your clients, since it is noticeable even more than an email option and making them more conscious that they receive messages.

Because of the vast number of users who use Gmail’s automatically sorted inbox, an email can be sorted into a folder that is never touched. With its “Focused” inbox, Microsoft Outlook now has some of the same features.

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SMS isn’t one of them.

Text messages are an ideal complement to other facets of the marketing campaign. They’re almost always read, and the right copy can drive the reaction in ways that other types of media can only think about.

2) Messages are (extremely) simple to automate.

You’re already aware that text messages have a high open-rate. However, when you pair that with the simplicity of automation that application-based messaging brings, you will create a lot of traffic.

Today, even small businesses can leverage CRMs to automate messaging, making it simple to combine highly targeted personalization with efficiency in generating and sending the messages.

There are various apps available to assist companies of all types in handling their SMS marketing. Sending, receiving, KPIs, and other essential activities and dashboards are all handled by these applications.

Choosing the best SMS application is based on the scale of the business, the industry you work in, and the features that are most important to you.

There isn’t a clear one-size-fits-all solution. However, all of the major contenders can assist you in automating marketing to a large number of phone numbers. SMS marketing applications allow you to reach far more people than a single person could.

3) Messages are ideal for offers that must be delivered quickly.

Text messages are opened two minutes after they are received on average. As a result, they’re an excellent choice for any time-sensitive offers.

By using SMS messages to send out reminders, special offers, or notifications, you can add a sense of urgency to your marketing. One of the most effective uses of text messages is to promote flash sales and other limited-time offers.

By its very nature, SMS marketing is a time-sensitive medium. A time-sensitive offer (especially for a local business) can be the way to go because everyone keeps their smartphone nearby if not on them all the time. Because SMS has such a high open-rate compared to email and has a two-minute window, it’s the perfect vehicle for quick promotions.

You can see a significant increase in response if you write good copy in that 160-character space. That short copy with the link at the end is perfect for quickly capturing people’s attention and eliciting an immediate response.

When making a time-sensitive offer, it’s best if you can reach out to people right away. Any SMS application will allow you to quickly send out an offer and get people in the door.

It’s a great way to get people to come to a location if you run a business that caters to a loyal clientele. It can also get people to log in and spend money on your website for larger companies that rely on e-commerce.

Final Thoughts:

For marketing messages, text messages are not only useful. They’re an excellent way to keep your customers up to date on the state of your business. SMS messaging can quickly reach your entire customer base if you have an outage, innovation, or any news about your business.

You, or your web agency Morocco, can even use it in conjunction with your Facebook ads to create a simple marketing funnel. It is recommended that you start using SMS as part of your marketing mix right away and learn why so many marketers are doing so.

Bulk message marketing

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