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The New Pokemon Snap gameplay trailer shows Raichu surfing, photo editing mode, and more.

The New Pokemon Snap gameplay trailer shows Raichu surfing, photo editing mode, and more. 

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Pokemon Snap

The gaming trailer for the New Pokemon Snap debuted during the latest Pokemon Presents

During today’s Pokemon Presents, the new Pokemon Snap gaming trailer dropped, and it is as serenely cute as we thought it to be.

In order to further explore Pokemon in their natural habitats, New Pokemon Snap takes place in the Lental region, where you can travel in a cool little all-terrain vehicle in the forest, through the desert, and underwater. And you’re going to get some research assistants and Professor Mirror to support you, too, so discovering Pokemon behaviors and expressions that are barely used would be a snap (teehee).

Gameplay Trailer

The gameplay trailer displays some of the behaviors, like surfing by Alolan Raichu. Yeah, you read that correctly, a hanging Raichu ten. You can throw fruit at a Pokemon to provoke cute responses, or you can make some Pokemon faintly glowing in the dark with the latest creation by Professor Mirror, Illumina Orbs. In New Pokemon Snap, tossing an Illumina Orb also lets Scorbunny’s flames change color – it’s precisely the sort of attention to detail we were hoping to see.

You’ll show your photos to the professor as planned and get ratings for them – capturing an unusual moment like a belly-flopping Venasaur into a river would net you four stars. So make sure you use all the tools at your disposal. You are looking for a range of behaviors.

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