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Realme may switch from its own Realme UI to OPPO’s ColorOS

Realme may switch from its own Realme UI to OPPO’s ColorOS 

In March 2021, OnePlus made the unexpected news that its upcoming smartphones will be running on OPPO’s ColorOS skin. Only Chinese smartphones were affected by the change, which replaced the HydrogenOS skin. Realme is now considering the same for its smartphones, two months later. On its forum, the company recently addressed the same question to its Indian community.

Even after parting ways with OPPO, Realme continues to appreciate Oppo’s software developments. Realme UI is just ColorOS rebranded with a few features removed. ColorOS has taken a stride forward with the release of ColorOS 11, which has been completely overhauled.

OnePlus stunned everyone by adopting ColorOS for its devices in China, and the Android 12 update may surprise even more. ColorOS does not appear to want to be limited to Oppo and OnePlus smartphones. Oppo, it appears, has greater ambitions. A survey being conducted in the Realme community may cause members to raise their eyebrows.

Realme Survey Yehiweb

Realme asked its community members about their preferred operating system in a recent post. Six questions have been posted on the forum by the company, four of which are concerning ColorOS in general. It’s even considering renaming the operating system ColorOS for Realme like OnePlus did in China. This is still in the decision-making stage, and the corporation has yet to make any final decisions.

Realme may switch from its Realme UI to OPPO’s ColorOS

Given that Realme began as an Oppo subsidiary, it’s not unexpected that the company is considering switching to ColorOS. In reality, the first few Realme smartphones used Oppo’s ColorOS skin, and there was no discernible difference between them and Oppo smartphones until recently.

With the Android 10 generation, the company switched to RealmeUI, tweaking the skin to be more like Google’s stock Android interface. Aside from a few aesthetic tweaks, the core structure and experience were identical to ColorOS.

In general, this move is not surprising. Xiaomi treats its sub-brands and sister brands in the same way. The MIUI skin for Mi, Redmi, and POCO smartphones is based on Android. POCO has the choice of running its own MIUI on its smartphones.

Realme launched their first smartphone, the Realme 1, with ColorOS 5. Users didn’t like it, so Realme came out with its own skin after seeing how people reacted to the software. This had been a long time coming, but it came out that Realme’s UI was identical to Oppo’s ColorOS, but with a different name.

ColorOS 11 was a significant shift in the software, as it came near to stock Android yet included a slew of new features. All of these improvements and changes were expected to be included in Realme UI 2.0, however, Realme did not include them all. Realme is currently seriously contemplating bringing ColorOS back to its smartphones.

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