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Destiny 2: Overhaul changes coming to Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner

Destiny 2: Overhaul changes coming to Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner 

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Looks like Bungie will make some major improvements to Destiny 2’s Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner. Fans of these competitive modes should expect full revisions of Destiny 2 in the future.

A major part of the Destiny series sees players customizing and designing special playstyles for their Guardians. Fans will build some wild combos by combining weapons, skills, and stat boosts. Putting these load-outs to the test, however, involves going head to head in competitive modes such as Trials of Osiris or Iron Banner with other teams. Though Trials of Osiris are recently brought back to Destiny 2, Bungie will soon be modifying how the mode operates.

The developer discusses the adaptations in-depth in a news article regarding the future of Destiny 2. The forthcoming updates are basically meant to enhance all of the players’ overall experience. This includes an emphasis on matchmaking in the Osiris trials. Bungie undertakes to broaden the audience in this mode in order to increase the player pool. Another part of this project would be the team’s solutions for how Solo players should be evaluated. Bungie wants to extend the net to include casual players, thereby leading these players to establish connections with other guardians.

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It sounds like the Osiris Trials reward system is being overhauled from the list as well. Instead of recycling after one single defeat, Bungie needs players to stick to their Trials cards more. This implies changing cards to allow them to carry on even after a setback. Higher-skilled players may want to keep playing, but casual fans won’t need tricks to win the Osiris Trials. Bungie then moves to a refresh for Iron Banner after these updates.

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For some time, all of these modes have been around and have not undergone many changes. It is possible that fans who have been with the Destiny series for years will be eager for some sort of revision. Plus, it may be helpful for the mode’s dropping population numbers to open up Osiris trials to casual players. There would be less playing by default by limiting it to coordinated fireteams only and thereby forcing Bungie to ignore it in favour of populated events.

That said, hardcore Destiny gamers that are suspicious about these future updates will certainly be there. Osiris Trials is designed to be the platform for intensely concentrated and competitive players to test their ability. It could potentially risk its identity by opening it up to the solo queue and never recover the success it once had. And Bungie is unclear about the updates to the Iron Banner as of now, so it may be difficult for some fans to get excited. In any case, in Destiny 2, these overhauls can keep the competitive scene fresh.

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