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6 must-have social media marketing tools
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6 must-have social media marketing tools 

Social media has become an integral part of society. And as with any other part of society social media creates jobs. From influencers and content creators to everyone who works behind the scenes. Marketing managers, photographers, editors, and so many more people depend on the success of social media profiles.

That’s why it’s so important to use the proper tools to improve your work experience. Just as a blacksmith needs a good hammer so too do social media influencers and content creators need these tools. They simplify various aspects of social media careers and unify features that every creator should use. These tools are a must-have if you want to succeed in marketing social media accounts.

1. Postly

When you’re just starting out you can’t really afford to delegate certain tasks to social media managers. But with Postly you can manage your social media with the help of an intricate AI writer.


While it’s important to have creative and unique posts on your social media, the reality is that if they aren’t optimized for SEO they won’t succeed. So having an AI writer that promotes the generation of hashtags is perfect since AIs know precisely how to optimize content. There are two things that make or break new social media content creators.

Postly Calendar

And that’s consistency and frequency of posting. People won’t follow accounts that only post once a year. Postly allows you to frequently publish content at a pace you wouldn’t be able to do manually. With its AI writer and bulk content uploader, you’ll be able to quickly gain new followers.

Postly Dashboard

Postly is a perfect tool for users that need to publish recurring posts and have a very busy posting schedule. It’s fully compatible with all the popular social platforms like Facebook and TikTok so you’ll be able to post content across all platforms.

2. AgoraPulse

Keeping track of all your social media platforms is a hassle, especially if you’re trying to keep your engagement high. That’s why tools like AgoraPulse are needed. AgoraPulse is essentially a tool that unifies your social media inbox. You’ll be able to follow all of your accounts and respond to any potential inquiries.


Juggling between tabs that have your accounts open is exhausting and complicated. But with this tool, you’ll be able to track trends, run analytics, and respond to followers in one place. Having a unified social media management tool is key in keeping up with constant updates, posts, and comments your followers and competitors create. Therefore AgoraPulse is one of the simplest ways to guarantee growth and a positive follower experience on your social media.

3. Biteable

The best way to quickly and efficiently create content is with Biteable. It’s a video editing tool specifically designed for short-form videos. These types of videos thrive on social media as they keep followers’ attention for the entire duration of the video.


It’s extremely easy to use and intuitive which means you’ll be able to quickly make videos for announcement-type posts. By using Biteable you’re capitalizing on the high impact that short videos produce. Perfect for new ad campaigns, updates, and recurring posts this tool can create videos for everything.

4. BuzzSumo

One of the most important aspects of running a social media profile is research. Without it, you wouldn’t know what your competitors are doing or how to improve your profile. That’s why you should use BuzzSumo. It helps you analyze current trends and your content.


By showing you what’s currently popular you can adapt and improve your content. With a visual representation of tracked data, you’ll be able to analyze current trends. Analyzing and monitoring trends doesn’t only help improve your profile, but it also allows you to track the popularity of other influencers. This opens up the possibility for collaboration as you mutually help your profiles grow.


Automating recurring posts is a surefire way to clear up time for more important tasks. IFTTT is a tool that focuses on a simple rule. If this then that, it’s in their name and their function. This tool gives you the ability to create custom rulesets that automate social media management.


By automating large chunks of your tasks, you can more clearly focus on ideas that help you improve your profile. After all, recurring posts, questionnaires, and content filtration take up a lot of time with relatively small payback. So by automating it you’re increasing your efficiency in the overall management. From photos and videos to text posts IFTTT can automate all.

6. Bitly

In recent times there hasn’t been a more popular trend that fully solidified into everyday use as Link-in-bios. It is a trend that focuses on creating links for your social media profiles. There you get a unique profile page that can expand your information and related links. Bitly is a massively popular URL shortening tool that recently expanded into Link-in-bios.


URL shortening is incredibly important for social media management for a couple of reasons. Firstly, short URLs have a better visual appeal. People don’t like to click on links that take up half their screen. Secondly, a lot of social media platforms have a certain character limit. Therefore it’s inefficient to waste characters on your URL. By using Bitly you give yourself extra space for your accrual content.

In conclusion, social media marketing is an expansive business that has a lot of intricacies. By using these management tools you’re optimizing your workflow. There are so many tiny details that if not automated create a massive workload. That’s why you should use tools like Postly to make your life easier.

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