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The Five Best Travel WordPress Themes

The Five Best Travel WordPress Themes 

Setting up your WordPress site or updating it the right way can be a bit jarring, but we are here to help.  One of the things you need is an impressive theme.

If you are looking for a great travel theme, you are in the right place. This article will cover the best 5 ones you can snatch so you grab the attention of your targeted audience. All you have to do is pick the one you like the best.

The following themes are all attractive, well-designed, and have some great features to add to their efficiency.

  1. Divi

Divi Landing

Divi is one of the more popular WordPress themes. It can give you exactly what you need to construct the perfect travel blog. Divi offers an array of effects you can use to add visual improvements to your site’s aesthetic. You can choose between many stock designs already specialized for sites related to traveling. Not to mention you can also go all in and completely tailor the themes how you see fit. And that’s without touching a single line of code. Adding video materials, as well as images, various effects, forms, and buttons is as easy as it gets.

  1. GoTravel

GoTravel Landing

GoTravel has an extremely user-friendly interface so you can get around it quickly, whether you have some experience with WordPress or absolutely none at all. A great feature GoTravel has is the built-in booking system. With its help, users can directly sign up or easily reach out to you if there is anything they need. And we all know how much that means for customer satisfaction. With this theme, marketing your travel business is a piece of cake. Its design is beautiful all while keeping it simple. So, if you need a theme for your travel agency, this is a great one to check out.

  1. Pathway

Pathway Landing

Pathway is a nifty multi-purpose WordPress theme that will serve any website well. It’s a great choice for small businesses or personal blogs. If you also get Kubio Page Builder, you can make the perfect site since it gives you a lot of options to customize your design. The drag-and-drop style of constructing is as simple as it gets, so no experience is needed to get a lot out of it. You can either pick a ready-made site, or make your own from a clean slate. Naturally, you get full control over colors, fonts, and more than 50 Gutenberg blocks. Their customer support is reliable, so even if you encounter any problems, they’re here to help.

  1. Astra

Astra Landing

Astra is a lightweight theme, meaning it guarantees its loading speed won’t be affected. Despite that, its multiple designs look intricate and impressive. It has 6 demo sites you can choose from, the themes being that of hotel, blog, travel agency, tours, and more. So, it has a few blog designs as well as a few site designs at your service. You can have a custom font, customize the colors, and style the site as much as you want with the help of its customizer feature. Not to mention it’s compatible with most of the popular page builders.

  1. Kadence

Kadence Landing

Kadence promises to provide you with an effective and stunning site. It’s well-optimized and runs smoothly so you don’t have to worry about it slowing anything down. The ready-made templates they have are great, but more importantly, easy to personalize. Gutenberg blocks, drag-and-drop, and a user-friendly interface are just a few of its many features.


Whether you own a travel agency, a blog, or any kind of business or site related to traveling, you should check out these top 5 WordPress themes. All of them are attractive, clean, and won’t slow your site down.

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