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Clear Google Search History On Android, iPhone, And Chrome
Google Chrome

Clear Google Search History On Android, iPhone, And Chrome 

It is understandable if you want to keep your Google search history safe.

Google has been in the headlines a lot lately over data confidentiality — and not necessarily in a positive way. People learn to be aware of how Google uses data, from leaking its products to leaking customer data to collect personal information from people who use Google apps.

Even if you do not own an Android phone, you are likely to use three or four of Google’s services daily, and the company has a lot of information about you. Even if you used the services offline, this includes your work commute and shopping habits.

But that does not mean that Google can track you down because the data is stored anonymously. Its primary purpose is to help marketers better understand audiences so that they can target ads more effectively. There are options to uninstall the Google search history stored on your computers, whether you have been looking at something you might not have been or do not want pages to be able to extract your private information.

There are various other ways to remain anonymous online, mentioned at the end of the article. Switching to DuckDuckGo is one of them gaining access to the dark web and dark websites.

Clear Google Search History

It used to be challenging to keep track of just what Google knows about you. Google also has an opt-in feature called “My Activity,” which allows you to see everything Google has found about you in one place. It is essentially the same as a web browser history, except it’s turned up to eleven.

Of course, you can clear Google search history details from your browser, which we discuss below. Still, My Activity provides a much more comprehensive and detailed view of your Google search history, as well as the ability to clear individual elements of your Google history in a few clicks.

You can clear as much or as little of your Google data as you want after signing into My Activity, and it is pretty simple to do.

Using MyActivity: Web Browser to Delete Google History

my google activity Yehiweb

Go to your My Activity page by clicking here to delete the Google history stored on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

To access this tab, you must register for a Google account. You will get a prompt to sign up if you are not. We do not recommend doing this while you are using a public device, and you must have to sign out when you’ve finished browsing.

Before deleting the activity, you may opt to filter it by date or type of data. To initiate the deletion process, click either of the choices on the right-hand side of the webpage. For a chronological list of data obtained by Google, choose ‘Item View.’

item view yehiweb

Google will immediately delete the data for that set if you tap the little trashcan in the upper right-hand corner. Since there is no pop-up validation box, be cautious before removing any information you might need.

deletion complete Yehiweb

To view a year’s worth of results, use the “Delete activity by” option on the left-hand side as it’s a hidden option in the phone’s left-hand menu. Access it by clicking the three lines in the top left-hand corner. It is a less cluttered version of the previous menu, but it also allows you to pick which data types and periods you choose to erase.

delete activity yehiweb

To delete your Google history from the start of your Google account, go to “Today,” select “All time,” and then Delete.

before you delete Yehiweb

If you are clearing your Google history for the first time, you can see an alert explaining how Google will use your data to better its services. If you insist on deleting your Google history, press OK, and that’s it.

Clear Google History on Google Chrome

Select the Chrome menu in the top left-hand corner of your browser window and select ‘Clear Browsing Data to delete only your search browsing history, cookies, and cache.

Chrome will take you to a new tab where you can select between Basic and Advanced tools. Basic allows you to clear your Google history immediately, while Advanced gives you more control over the individual elements.

clear browsing data yehiweb

You can clear cookies and other site data (which will sign you out of most sites) and delete cached photos and files from the Basic tab. It helps free up space, particularly if your browser is running slowly, but it can make websites load slower the next time you use them.

Clearing Google History on Android

Launch Google Chrome on your Android device and perform the following steps:

clearing google history on mobile yehiweb
  1. In the upper right-hand corner, tap the three vertical dots.
select history yehiweb

2. Select ‘History’

select history yehiweb

3. Select ‘Clear Browsing Data’

4. Confirm when done.

5. After you complete these steps, you will clear your Google search history and website history.

Clearing Google History on iPhone

For iPhone users, open Google history and follow these steps to clear your history:

  1. In the lower right-hand corner, select ‘More.’
click on history iphone yehiweb

2. Select History

clear browsing data iphone yehiweb

3. Clear Cookies and iMessage Search History by selecting ‘Clear.’

4. Then, on your iPhone, open the Google Chrome app and take the same steps as before.

Enable Auto-Delete

Google does have a feature that allows you to dump the data automatically. It is better to avoid this feature if you want to retain any records. If you find that manually deleting your Google data is too much of a headache, go to the Google Activity page and set up the auto-delete feature:

Under the ‘ Web & Activity ‘ section of the activity list, choose the ‘Auto-delete (Off)‘ feature.

Auto Delete Yehiweb

Select the frequency at which you want data to be removed and then choose “Next.”

choose auto delete yehiweb

The following page will go through some of the activities that Google will delete if you keep going. If you agree, press ‘Continue,’ and a confirmation page will appear.

Maintain your anonymity online

If you are very concerned about your privacy or wish to ensure a higher degree of online anonymity, you should take the following steps:

Use Google’s Incognito mode.

Go to File | New Incognito Window in GoogleIt’ll open a replacement window with a dark grey background and a spy icon. Whatever you do,  Incognito mode will not save your browser history, and the browser will remove all search results as soon as the application is closed.

Switch to DuckDuckGo, the so-called “privacy-conscious search engine,” if you want to avoid Google.

Unlike most search engines, when you click on a link from DuckDuckGo, the place you get directed to does not know the keywords you used to locate it. Therefore, your information is not collected for advertisement purposes since DuckDuckGo earns money based on the keywords a customer looks for rather than personal data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some more answers to your questions on Google Activity and your online privacy.

I want to save lots of my passwords but delete everything else. How am I able to do this?

If you’re deleting all of your Google data, it’s possible to de-select the choice under ‘Clear Browsing Data’ for clearing passwords. But, if you would like more security, you can use a browser extension like the Last Pass to store all of your passwords in a secure location.

Like Google or Chrome storing these passwords for you, the Last Pass will auto-fill the passwords.

Can I permanently close my Google account?

Yes, indeed. If you no longer want to use your new Google account, you can delete it permanently. We do have an article that describes it in detail.

When you go to the Google Account page, you can choose to download all of your data before deleting your Google account and everything associated with it.

Bear in mind that executing this action would erase all of your Google-related data. Google Docs, addresses, friends, and more are all included. To use many of the features and backup your device, you will need to create or use a new Google account if you are using an Android device.

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