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Five Common Laptop Issues and How to Fix Them

Five Common Laptop Issues and How to Fix Them 

Laptops have made our lives way easier, primarily because of their portability. You can easily carry your laptop anywhere you want, unlike the big desktop setups that were stuck in one place for years and years to come. But along with the premium features of the laptops, it is a known fact that the life of the laptops is not that long, and that can create a state of tension.

Are you someone who is always in panic mode because the device’s screen starts to flicker after regular intervals? Laptops can overheat, which might make you feel uncomfortable, but have you ever tried to dig deep into the actual matter? In this article, we will take you through the common laptop issues and how to fix them easily.


You will continue to work in silence until you decide to play some music and turn up the volume. In any case, optical drives and hard drives make a particular sound when measuring something. It can get very irritating and surprisingly hard for you to concentrate due to such noises.

The problem with the noise issue is that you might not be able to fix it yourself despite knowing most of the details related to the problem. It usually involves tinkering with internal hardware, and the odds of you damaging the laptop are relatively high, particularly if you lack the experience.

In such times, it is better to leave the work in the hands of professionals. Despite paying money for service, you will know that the computer is in good hands and that the service store will fix it.

Applications and Programs

Applications and Programs yehiweb

The most irritating aspect of using a laptop starts with the programs and applications running slowly. Imagine downloading a movie at the speed of 1mbps? Well, you can blame your internet connection for that matter. But what if your speed is great, and yet that happens?

The answer over here has to be the available memory on your computer. A lot of times, the speed of the processor plays a massive factor in the workability of your laptop.

You cannot always bank on the proposition of blaming your internet connectivity. Just check if you have a good amount of space on your laptop. For example, if the RAM is 2GB, then you really need to consider getting a better deal on your RAM. Anything more than 8GB ensures good speed under all circumstances.


Another profoundly common laptop issue that individuals face is their laptop overheating. It is normal for your laptop to begin overheating. It is common for your laptop to overheat as the parts inside the laptop are being used, and these parts heat up when you sit on your couch for extended hours scrolling through Instagram or watching Netflix.

Overheating happens in the hard drives, CPU, Graphics Cards, and inner and outer drives like the motherboard.

At the point when you use a laptop, it is expected that it would overheat, yet how you tackle this issue is by getting a laptop cooling fan. It is pretty much as cool as it sounds.

The cooling fan will be embedded on the laptop and put beneath it. It works like a cooler at a mechanical plant and will guarantee that all the parts in your computer stay at a moderate temperature. Get a laptop cooling fan for your device to stay away from any odds of it overheating.


installation yehiweb

It’s somewhat irritating managing such an issue, particularly when you need to download the most recent projects or applications on your laptop. There are many justifications for why the program or application probably won’t get installed on your computer. The common reason is that the application is not compatible with laptop programming, for example, because the application requires the most recent programming to work.

As a rule, there are few necessities for downloading and running an application. In any case, if the application you wish to download has more specifications, for example, if you want to download Premiere Pro or a high-end game like League of Legends, then you would have to download the most recent programming on your laptop for it to work.

In any case, if you are somehow able to install the application on your laptop without downloading the most recent programming, you would wind up encountering the application running rather sluggishly. So, make a point to download all the most recent programming on your laptop to stay away from this.


Don’t panic if you ever find the Bluetooth option missing from your laptop settings because it can be due to a very common reason. For example, your Bluetooth driver might have been deleted for some reason. If that happens, you should also check for the WiFi module. Then just open the page of your laptop’s company and look for the Bluetooth drive. Once you receive the link on your email ID, install the driver on your laptop.

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