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11 Reasons to Go Green and Switch to Solar Energy
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11 Reasons to Go Green and Switch to Solar Energy 

If you’re looking to save the environment while also saving a few bucks, then you may want to go green and switch to solar energy.

In the last decade, solar power experienced an average annual growth rate of 33%. It’s clear that both homeowners and business owners alike are turning away from non-renewable energy and instead, are looking to green and clean energy.

Solar Panel Install

You might be happy with drawing electricity from the grid and are hesitant about introducing something new to the picture. But the status quo is simply not good enough, not if you want to be kind to both yourself and the environment.

The fact is, we need to go green to create a better future for not just our families, but for future generations.

Here are 11 compelling reasons why you should switch to solar energy!

1. It’ll Reduce Your Energy Bills

First of all, going green can help you save money. You’re drawing energy from something that’s free: sunlight!

While you’ll have to pay to set up solar panels, after that, you won’t have to worry about additional costs, besides repairs and eventually, a complete replacement. However, solar panel systems are very durable and can last up to 30 years, so it’ll be a while before you have to think about such large costs again.

Power Meters

Since you’re drawing upon sunlight for energy, you won’t be as dependent on the grid. As a result, your monthly energy bills will decrease, which will make your bank account happy.

2. You’ll Save the Environment

Our reliance on fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy has done irreversible damage to our planet. Climate change is basically inevitable now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do your part in slowing it down.

What’s great about solar power is it’s 100% clean and renewable. So for every person that switches to solar, it’ll help our planet all that much more. Not only will it reduce the dependence on finite resources, but it’ll also decrease pollution and give us (and future generations) cleaner air to breathe.

Environment Energy

The more mainstream solar power becomes, the less we’ll support harmful corporations that are greedy and selfish. Only then can we turn things around and see true environmental benefits.

3. It’s More Affordable Than Ever

You might’ve been reluctant to install solar panels on your home because you’ve heard they’re expensive. So you haven’t even looked into prices because you’ve just assumed they were out of your reach.

But did you know that in the last decade, the price of solar installation has dropped by over 60%? Back in 2010, an average solar panel system would set you back $40,000. But today, you’ll pay just $20,000.

Saving Money

Understandably, that number may still be too expensive for many households. But not to worry, as there are plenty of solar financing options available. Whether it’s renting panels or taking out an attractive loan, there will be options that won’t drain your bank account.

Plus, there are some other financial benefits you can get from solar panels. See our next point!

4. There Are Rebates and Tax Credits Available

In an effort to encourage people to go green, there are incentives available for those who go solar. These are available at both local and federal levels.

For example, there’s the federal residential solar energy credit. If your system’s installed between 2020 to 2022, you can claim a 26% tax credit for your solar installation. For those installed in 2023, you’ll get a 22% tax credit; at the time of writing, this tax credit will expire in 2024, unless Congress decides to renew it.

Money Rebates

Also, many utility companies offer subsidies for you to install a solar power system. State governments will also offer rebates, so make sure you do some digging around to find solar energy savings. These can make an installation more affordable than you think!

5. It’ll Give You More Financial Security

If you’ve never really had trust in the grid, then this is the perfect chance to cut ties, or at least partially. It can be pretty expensive to go completely off the grid, so most homeowners only do so partially.

Financial Security

In either case, you won’t be as reliant on an outside source of energy. As a result, any fluctuations in energy prices won’t hit as hard and you won’t have to stress out about cost spikes.

6. They’re Low Maintenance

A concern homeowners have is with the installation of new technology comes time-consuming maintenance. But you can rest easy knowing that solar panels are very low maintenance!

Every once in a while, you’ll have to do a light cleaning to get rid of dirt, dust, leaves, and other debris. That’ll ensure that your panels are working at their maximum efficiency.

Low maintenance

Solar panel systems are made of durable materials that’ll withstand a number of weather conditions, so you can count on decades of reliable service. Should anything happen, repairs are cheap.

And if you’re renting the solar panels, then have peace of mind knowing that the company is responsible for not just monitoring your system, but also maintaining it.

7. It’s Silent

If you’re sensitive to sound, then you might be concerned that a solar panel system will generate irritating sounds. For example, AC systems might have a hum, thanks to their motors.

Solar Panels Silence

The good news is that solar panel systems are whisper quiet! These don’t have any noise output at all, so you can relax and sleep in your home without listening to an annoying hum or buzz.

8. You Won’t Have to Worry About Power Outages

Do you live somewhere that’s prone to power outages? Then you know how inconvenient they can be. You might be in the middle of an interesting show, or even worse, an important work document when suddenly, the power goes out and you can’t resume for a while.

Power Lines

Well, with solar panels, you won’t be at the mercy of the grid anymore. You can choose to have a system that stores solar energy in a battery so you can draw on it when needed.

The next time the grid cuts off, you won’t suffer at all. That backup battery will kick in and you can continue with your activities with no interruption. You or your loved ones also won’t have to worry about vital medical equipment malfunctioning due to power outages.

9. It’ll Increase Your Home’s Value

While you might not be planning on moving in the near future, you still might have plans to sell your home later on. In this case, installing solar panels is a worthwhile investment, as it’ll increase its value.

Today’s homeowners are looking for modern homes that utilize green energy. So solar panels will definitely be an attractive point that’ll not just raise your property’s value, but also draw in more potential homebuyers.

Home Price

Plus, you’ll get to enjoy all the above benefits while you’re still living in the house. So it’s a win-win situation!

Even if you don’t plan on selling, increasing your home’s value can help you build more equity. As a result, if you need to borrow money, you’ll have a higher cap.

10. It’ll Make Other Home Improvement Projects Easier

Chances are, there are things you want to fix with your house. Or maybe you want to add some things that’ll make life more pleasant.

Either way, home improvement projects can be pricey, and not just in construction costs either. After these projects are done, they’ll often require more electricity use in your home, which then drives your costs up.

Power Outlets

But if you have solar panels installed, these will take the burden of extra energy needs away. Whether you put in a pool, home theater room, or a new kitchen, you’ll have full confidence knowing your utility bills won’t skyrocket.

11. It Helps With the Local Economy

Help out your local economy by getting solar panels. This type of energy creates thousands of jobs; solar power companies need lots of workers, such as installers, designers, and more.

Solar Panel Workers

Stimulating the local economy is always a good thing, as this encourages business owners to stay and invest in the community’s future. As a result, you’ll enjoy a better quality of life.

Go Green With Solar Energy Today

As you can see, there are so many benefits that come with installing solar panels. Not only can you go green, but you’ll also save money, enjoy rebates and tax benefits, increase your home’s value, and help improve the local economy.

We’ll admit that it may take a sizable investment to get started, which may make it unfeasible for some people. But if you have the finances to do so, we highly recommend going solar. Only good can come out of it!

If you need more money-saving and green tips, then check out the rest of our blog page now.

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