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Top 7 Tools for Remote Sales
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Top 7 Tools for Remote Sales 

No matter the fact it has never been easier to travel to any point of the world to have a meeting with the people from other time zones but also it has never been easier to replace all that with modern solutions like the tools we are going to review a bit later.

Remote Work

Nowadays it is not necessary to attend a meeting with your team members or investors, for instance, to close a big project deal, wearing fancy suits, and handshaking with your partners. That’s why the tools for remote sales have been developed. With them, you can keep track of your projects, have insights into the status of your team members, have meetings with other people, and more!

In the next lines, we are going to cover some of the most effective tools for remote sales on the internet that can help you reach your business goal.


Slack represents one of the most powerful and most popular on the market for fast business messaging between teams that work together. It offers you a lot of features and tools, it is highly customizable to your needs and has a great integration nature with party third tools.


You can make both audio and video calls making Slack a perfect software for all kinds of remote work. Of the main features, there are a few that stand out, like sending scheduled messages which means you can send the message at a specific time, not instantly. Huddles are the feature that allows one person making a business call to invite all the relevant people into that call. The interface of Slack is one of the best things as it represents minimalistic but approachable interfaces for everyone.


The most popular video conferencing platform on the internet and its immense importance business owners have experienced during the pandemic! Zoom allows you to gather meetings without any formal handshakes in classy clothes. Your business does not have to suffer any obstacles that may occur and your clients can meet you whenever and wherever you and they are!


Zoom has become a great platform largely due to its simplicity and features. You can meet your clients and investors in HD quality, schedule the meeting, chat during it, share the files, explain a problem on a whiteboard, blur your background to be more professional, and more.


Teamwork is the perfect solution for efficient and transparent collaboration between the teams! It allows you to communicate freely with your fellows, and make nice and lucid workspaces that will inform all the team members of their duties.


The platform also has a Workload feature that lets you schedule tasks based on members’ availability, recognize who can step in, and secure no one is overburdened, allowing you to maintain workflow smoothly and swiftly.


Monday is yet another great workplace management platform providing the necessary tools for undisturbed and smooth collaboration between teams. You can create an unlimited number of boards, dashboards, and documents for different kinds of projects with over 200 templates.


Monday offers you a great insight into the members’ current work, their availability, and their progress meaning you have a clear view of how well does the project going. Its strong side is its way of communicating as it has a wonderful communications way. Everyone can be accessed and communicated in the simplest way possible! You can assign specific roles, set the end dates, and input the notes and warnings.

It has also a great integration with the relevant third-party apps such as Gmail, Github, Slack, Dropbox, and others. The dashboard lets you have a chart view of pretty much everything regarding the projects, and workflows. You can create summaries and reports from there.


Notion is an all-in-one workspace project management system equipped with all the necessary tools for you and your team! This one has the main focus on collaboration and as such represents a perfect workspace for you and the team you collaborate with.


It is fully scalable and downloadable for every system as well as for some browsers.

Features that Notion is all about are task management. Different tasks can be added and assigned to every person in your team, sharing necessary documents and data for every project accessible to every team member. It is highly customizable software you can fit your needs, easy to set up and manipulate as well.


The easiest and simplest way to connect and communicate with the members of your team can be accomplished using RandomCoffee with all the insights at hand reach regarding the value of interactions, reports, analyses, and surveys with detailed dashboards to access every tiny bit of the team.


RandomCoffee is based on a specific algorithm which gives you an even better possibility to match with those employees that match your needs the best! You can customize the message content, set the time and frequency when the emails should be sent with the highest privacy possible, and more!

This platform is the embodiment of sophistication meaning you can get new employees on board in a few clicks, it perfectly works with other platforms, and the team list can be uploaded via the CSV file.


Wrike is one of the most used work management platforms which counts millions of users! It is a super easy to use, and flexible tool that allows you to intuitively gather your teams together, perfectly collaborate with each other, and plan and track projects.


The main features this platform has to offer are definitely customizable calendars based on Gantt charts with centralized dashboards, detailed analytics including portfolio analytics, task insights, and much more.

With Wrike, you can track everything related to the specific project, send the reports to the members, and protect the data with Wrike’s personal security feature, Wrike Lock. The analytics can be viewed as charts that give even detailed insights.

It is perfectly integrated with Slack, Adobe Creative Cloud, and the popular CRM software Salesforce.

Outdoor Work

Final words

In the previous words, we have seen that there is software where a combination of them can really be a great alternative to conventional business sense. Some of them are for easy online meetings, and some of them are for project management. We have introduced you to some of them we consider the most valuable and definitely worth a try.

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