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The 6 Best Tactics to Get More Clients for Your Marketing Agency: Make Sure That Customers Keep Biting

The 6 Best Tactics to Get More Clients for Your Marketing Agency: Make Sure That Customers Keep Biting 

Are you struggling with getting more clients for your marketing agency? Do you feel you have all the right ideas about leading your business, but you just lack that revolving door of customers willing to give you a chance?

The digital marketing pie is getting larger and is expected to reach $143 billion by 2023. However, with such fierce competition, you need to find ways to get a bigger piece of the pie.

Fortunately, the correct blend of strategies can help your digital marketing agency like stand out, gain the attention of clients, and keep growing. In this post, we have listed the 6 top strategies that will help you get more clients for your agency.

1. Create a Great Marketing Proposal

A marketing proposal is a document you can send to potential clients to demonstrate your value, offer a proposed solution to their needs, and persuade them to use your marketing services.

Every good marketing proposal has several common elements: key information, terms, and conditions, as well as the tools you will use to measure the success, which will probably be the same from one project to the next. Using a marketing proposal template will save you tons of time because you can recycle this key information from one project into the next one. But bear in mind, not every detail of the projects you do will be the same.

To set your marketing or advertising agency apart, you’ll need to come up with something potential clients will pay attention to. For this reason, ensure that your marketing proposals aren’t dull.

Personalize your proposals and include your agency’s core values but don’t make it all about you. Your marketing proposal should be structured around how your client will benefit from your services.

2. Work on Your Portfolio

Business Portfolio

You can talk about how amazing your agency is, but your prospective clients will still want to see it themselves.

The first thing to ensure is that your portfolio shows variety. Clients want to see if you are able to capture their voice, and by displaying a wide range of brands you have already worked with, you will demonstrate your versatility.

Your proposal should also reflect the wide variety of work you can do. Digital marketing is one of the broadest forms of marketing, and many agencies offer services that include social media, Google Ads, organic SEO, etc. If this is your offering, your marketing proposal should showcase your ability to deliver consistent results across every service that you offer. To become a better marketer for your customers, you can use marketing automation tools like digital marketing software for agencies. This is an all-in-one marketing tool that will help your team with all of your marketing services and enable your agency to work more smoothly.

Finally, be sure to include any prestigious digital marketing certificates from your team in your portfolio.

3. Blog About Marketing

Do you already tell your clients how important blogging is in order to establish themselves as leaders in their industry and attract more customers? Well, why not apply the same tactic to your own business? After all, clients want to see that you are taking your own advice.

Besides offering useful information and helping you establish yourself as a trusted authority, blogging is also very effective when it comes to SEO. Research has shown that businesses with blogs receive 55% more traffic, and 57% of companies have acquired clients through their blogs.

Don’t forget to create guest posts for other sites as well. Think websites that executives and business owners frequently read, such as Forbes and Business Insider.

4. Stand Out with Videos

Woman Being Filmed

Did you know that more than half of marketers consider video to give the best ROI? In addition, nearly 70% of consumers prefer watching videos to learn about new products or services, as compared to articles, presentations, and infographics.

By creating videos and posting them across different marketing channels (social media, YouTube, email marketing, etc.), you’ll be able to increase awareness for your marketing agency, inform your target audience about your services, and set yourself apart from the competition.

The most effective types of videos include explainer videos, testimonial videos, and videos that provide details about your services or solutions.

5. Use Social Proof

As a marketing agency owner/manager, you must be aware of the power of customer reviews and testimonials. You already know that people will be more likely to work with you if they have first-hand evidence that others have had a good experience with your agency.

In order to get more clients, consider asking past and current clients to share their experiences with your marketing agency. You should also encourage testimonials and reviews on your social media profiles and also use them on your site and in online ads.

6. Take Advantage of Online Directories

Woman Utilizing Online Directories

Getting onto as many online directories as possible is a great strategy to build your online presence and reach companies that are looking for digital marketing services.

Start by getting on the most widespread directories such as Google and Yelp, then focus on industry-specific ones, such as marketing agency directories. Finally, be sure to get onto local directories as well in order to reach people and businesses in your area.

Final Thoughts

As a digital marketing agency, you often put yourself last because you find it hard to find a balance between working on your clients’ businesses and your own. But if you don’t market yourself, you won’t be able to expand your business, at least not at the rate you’d like.

The above-listed tips can help you create a varied strategy, but be sure to keep your approach experimental and try new tactics in order to attract as many clients as possible.

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