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Why do SMEs need an app? | Build your business software with Human Assisted AI

Why do SMEs need an app? | Build your business software with Human Assisted AI 

Digitizing businesses is just a few clicks away, owing to the advanced technology growing by the minute. The advent of artificial intelligence has provided the necessary tools to not only start these businesses but run them efficiently.

Digital technology reduces operational costs and maximizes revenue. When artificial intelligence is paired with human interaction an optimally valuable product is born in the form of human-assisted AI. Build your business software with the Human Assisted AI feature to stand out among others.

Build a Human Assisted AI-based business software with

Maximized revenue

Human-assisted AI increases the productivity of the business tenfold. AI models process human feedback as input and provide corresponding outputs.

Over time, after receiving consistent input, the results are tailored to meet the needs of the customer as the AI model can predict them. This proves to be an excellent strategy to capture a customer’s attention as individual needs are catered from one place. As a result, the business generates greater revenue.

Examples of models that use AI technology are Amazon (suggested products) and Google search engine. is an app builder that lets you design an app with any features you like- be it human-assisted AI or navigation features.

Decision automation


Once a certain amount of information has been received by the AI model, it will gain stimulating intelligence. On obtaining the most efficient practices and decisions by the developer, it will learn to make decisions that are quick and most suitable.

This is called decision automation. Thus, plenty of time will be saved by the automation of cyclic tasks, and the user has to only focus their time and attention on more important matters.


With features like decision automation that leaves little to no margin for human error, it replaces the need for manpower. Cutting down operational costs, Human assisted AI models help businesses flourish by saving time and money. offers the most cost-effective solution in comparison to any other development platform.



By eliminating the need for manpower, the likelihood of human errors is also terminated. The provided results are inherently more accurate. You can become worry-free while using human-assisted AI models. Consequently, more error-free results are received with way less hassle.

Vast domain

Human assisted AI uses information over a vast domain. Huge chunks of information are analyzed to come up with the most practical and intelligent solutions. Exposure to enormous amounts of information leads to quality counsel in the form of algorithms. Therefore, the customer base expands due to business strategies devised by the AI feature.

Competitive edge

Competitive Edge

While building business apps Human assisted AI models already put you a step ahead of the competitors. Benefits like increased productivity, reduced cost, and unmatchable results give you an edge over competitors.

Furthermore, using this technology, you can not only keep track of your customers and their needs but also understand your competitor’s strategy and comprehend what makes them unique and better.


The biggest advantage of using human-assisted AI models is the convenience factor it adds. With knowledge of AI technology and a clear vision of the business, you can enjoy the benefits of this tool. Because of this, jobs that require teams of people are narrowed down to one person who can work with independence and creative freedom.


Human assisted AI will change the future of digital businesses for good. It will be the next big thing that is not only used by business tycoons and enterprises but also by small, local businesses. is an app development platform that lets you build apps with custom features.

You may get Human Assisted AI incorporated in the app. It is only a matter of time before a new reality is formed and the competing grounds of businesses are altered. Progressive minds will seize the opportunity and use human-assisted AI when building their business software.

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