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How to Keep Your Tech Team Motivated and Happy: 4 Ways to Ensure Productivity and Happiness

How to Keep Your Tech Team Motivated and Happy: 4 Ways to Ensure Productivity and Happiness 

One of the most important objectives for any business manager is to keep their employees happy and motivated. One reason for this is that happy employees are 87% less likely to resign.

In addition, highly engaged teams see an average 21% increase in profitability. By keeping your employees happy and motivated, they will stay with your company for a longer period of time, allowing you to increase revenue and grow your business over time.

If you’re looking for a place to start, look at your tech team. Your tech employees play an important foundational role within your organization, making it essential that they are happy and motivated. Below are a few strategies you can use to keep your tech team happy and motivated for a long time to come.

4 Ways to Keep Your Tech Team Motivated and Happy

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1. Integrate the Right Tools

Your tech team, perhaps more than any other department, relies on having the best tools at their disposal. If your tech team doesn’t have the right tools, they’ll have a hard time getting their job done, which in turn leads to some frustration. A good place to start is simply asking them if there are any tools that might make their jobs easier.

For example, let’s say your tech team tracks problems through Jira and stores some of their repositories on GitHub. In a situation like this, you could integrate Jira with GitHub and instantly make things easier for your tech team. There are numerous examples of things you could do just like this – get some feedback from your team and start exploring the possibilities.

2. Show Your Appreciation

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As with any other employee, IT teams appreciate being recognized for their efforts. Employee appreciation is an important aspect of any business, so if you’re not already doing it, now is the time to implement some practices.

Showing your tech team, you appreciate them could be as simple as sending them a thank you message privately or publicly recognizing them for their hard work. You could also reward members of the tech team with small gifts to show that you appreciate what they are doing. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to acknowledge hard work, and the benefits of doing so can go a long way.

3. Hold Contests

A great way to motivate employees is through contests. Contests add a little bit of competitive spirit to the workplace and can encourage your tech team to put in a little extra effort.

For example, you could offer a small prize to the tech team member that handles the most customer service requests in a day. Create some clear guidelines for the competition and set a deadline. Then pick a prize that will encourage everyone to participate, such as a gift card or an extra day off.

4. Allow Remote Work

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Many employees prefer to work from home. While this isn’t possible for some types of roles, it’s often possible for those working on a tech team. Thanks to technology innovations, a lot of work can now be done from home. For example, your tech team members may be able to write code, troubleshoot problems, and handle customer support issues all remotely.

If you can’t offer your tech team the ability to work full-time remotely, consider implementing a hybrid system. This is where your tech team can work remotely on some days and come into the office on others.

It’s been shown that employees who get to work from home skip fewer days and are often more productive. Even if your tech team can only work remotely one or two days a week, they’ll likely appreciate this and become happier with their roles.

In Conclusion

Start Focusing on Your Tech Team Today

Once you start focusing on the happiness and motivation of your tech team, you’ll likely start seeing improvements throughout your business. Luckily, it’s not too difficult to make your tech team happier.

It could just be a matter of allowing them to work from home every once in a while or going out of your way to show your appreciation for their work. We hope that this guide was able to give you some ideas and that you’ll be able to keep your tech team around for a long time as they contribute to your business’s success.

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