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Best Uptime Monitoring ToolsBest Uptime Monitoring Tools

Best Uptime Monitoring ToolsBest Uptime Monitoring Tools 

There are many reasons why a website can become unavailable or crash. The causes can be various, from natural disasters, such as flooding in your web host’s data center, to accidentally putting the website into maintenance mode.

However, you must know how much website maintenance means in business and that it is closely related to increasing revenue and productivity. Visitors who encounter any kind of interruption or downtime of the website will definitely unsubscribe you for all time. Let’s get to know more about this.

What is Uptime?

First, if you are not already familiar with it, it would be time to get acquainted with the key concepts. Uptime shows the time of full availability of your website and its content measured in percentages. Now you are probably wondering what percentages are good. You should work to have perfect percentages because even 99% means your site will be down for 7 hours a month.

On the other hand, we have a deadlock. It is the time that indicates when some part or all of the website or service is unavailable. This is the part that is most essential for the success of any website. Why? Unavailability turns away both existing and potential clients, and so there is a decrease in your income. You must analyze each deadlock to identify the problem and create a strategy to solve the problem.

We have carefully compiled a list of the best uptime monitoring tools. Let’s see.


A complete crash or downtime of a website is not a rare situation. It happens. However, the most embarrassing situations are when you are the last to know about the problem. That is why it is essential to ditch manual website monitoring, save time and nerves, and turn to concrete problem-solving. Do you want it?

Then you are in the right place. Introducing Uptimia, a tool that will work for you 24/7 and report all the problems and potential problems. Whether it is a website crash or downtime, you can get notifications every 30 seconds. Such monitoring is made possible by the 171 probes scattered around the globe that Uptimia uses.

What is important here? Uptimia does not require an enormous amount of work from you. It is essential to enter a URL, choose a tracking time, and set up notifications. It is not hard, is it? The rest of the work will be done by Uptimia. It is crucial to know that, using this tool, you do not receive false notifications. Each detected problem is checked as many as three times.

My Website is Online

Many people are looking exclusively for professionalism when choosing a tool. If that is your criteria, then it is time to introduce you to one of the tools that offer the most professional service on the market. It is My Website is Online.

Like the previous tool, My Website is Online’s focus is on monitoring the uptime of websites. In addition, this tool can offer you many other good options and functions. Each monitor has its own interval, and it is possible to configure an unlimited number of monitors. When one fails, an email is sent immediately.

Also, the cool thing is that you can set up notifications via SMS, so there are no more excuses. SMS notifications have proven to be a more effective way of alerting as you can always be up to date. Also, you can set several people to receive alerts. Also, this tool enables Google Risk Tracking to run on all your websites. You can try it for up to two months. If you are not satisfied after that, your money will be refunded.


Through the presentation of the previous tools, we have already roughly explained the crucial things for website maintenance and what you need to pay special attention to. Another tool that will do a great job and eliminate all problems is CheqUptime.

CheqUptime focuses on quickly sending notifications about a detected problem. They know how much revenue and customers you can lose if you do not pay attention, even to the tiny things. Using CheqUptime, you can set up monitors in less than five minutes, monitor your software, and get all the notifications in seconds.

How powerful this tool is is proven by the fact that it can monitor more than 100 websites per minute, even 24/7. Also, this tool offers the option to set multiple channels where you will receive notifications – email, SMS, Telegram, Slack, etc. Also, CheqUptime allows you to launch a website with a status with an overflowing design. Many users trust this tool because it ensures 100% performance monitoring.

Better Uptime

One of the more modern tools on the market is Better Uptime. This tool offers a newer and more radical approach to time tracking that sets it apart from the competition.

All the previous practices and strategies in monitoring the work of the website combined, thus achieving success.


One of the tools that still uses the combination is UptimeRobot. This tool combines site, ping and port, SSL, and keyword monitoring. Isn’t that impressive?

In addition to standard functions and options, it also offers advanced ones. For example, you get email notifications, response time monitors, custom HTTP requests, etc.


You have had a chance to see a list of the best tools for keeping your website up and running. While all the tools are impressive and the choice is entirely up to you, we could say that Uptimia stands out from the competition. Feel free to further explore all the possibilities of this tool.

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