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Why does Elara App prevent Windows from shutting down? Quick Fix
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Why does Elara App prevent Windows from shutting down? Quick Fix 

Some users have reported seeing an “ApntEX.exe” running in the Task Manager, whilst others have inquired about receiving the message “Elara App is Preventing Windows from Shutting Down” while attempting to shut down their computer. We’ll go into the application’s features and why it stops the shutdown in this article.

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What is Elara App?

All computer manufacturers use hundreds of small components obtained from hundreds of various small manufacturers in their computers. Since these components are mostly used by various suppliers in their products, they are used in a wide range of brands, including HP, Samsung, and Dell.

Elara App is used to monitor one of these components, which is associated with a laptop’s touchpad. As a result, the Elara App is mainly used in laptops and comes pre-installed. This app, which is located in the “Program Files” folder alongside the computer’s touchpad driver, manages some touchpad functionality. The app can be found inside the task manager as “ApntEX.exe” It is not a standalone driver or software; instead, it can be a component of the touchpad driver supplied by your device manufacturer.

apntex exe running in the background Yehiweb
Apntex exe running in the background

Elara App Prevents Windows from Shutting Down: Why?

If Elara App is installed on your computer, it can prevent Windows from shutting down since it is still running in the background. As Windows shuts down, it closes all background processes; but, if the operating system deems a process to be sensitive, it cancels the shutdown process and informs the user of the presence of sensitive background activity.

Is it possible to disable it?

is it possible to disable it yehiweb
Is it possible to disable it

According to several user reports, killing the task from the task manager or totally uninstalling the touchpad driver has no negative effects. However, according to one source, the user loses the ability to switch off the touchpad using the “Fn” keys. As a result, in our view, you should terminate the task from the task manager, and it should have no negative impacts on the computer.

You should also try uninstalling the touchpad driver to remove the bloatware to see how the touchpad functionality is preserved. The results can vary depending on the device’s manufacturer, but even if you lose features, you may quickly reinstall the driver by checking for hardware changes, which prompts Windows to reinstall the previously uninstalled driver.

How to Terminate Elara App Task Temporarily?

In this step, we’ll show users how to terminate the Elara App task from the task manager in the simplest way possible. This will cause your touchpad to malfunction, so make sure you have a mouse on hand as a backup.

click on detail tab yehiweb
Click on details tab
  1. To open Task Manager, press the “Ctrl” + “Shift” + “Esc” buttons at the same time.
  2. To view specific instructions for the executables running in the background, click the “Details” tab.
click on end task Yehiweb
Click on End task
  1. Select “ApntEX.exe” and click on End Task
  2. The Elara App will be temporarily closed, and the computer will no longer be prevented from shutting down.

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