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Title: How to Find Bloggers to Promote Your Business
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Title: How to Find Bloggers to Promote Your Business 

Every business owner or marketing specialist wants their company to grow. You are no exception. In times of digital marketing rise, one of your strategies is to use bloggers to promote your business. Such a technique is common for B2B marketers and SEO specialists. Why? Bloggers usually have a specific and loyal audience. For niche companies, it creates an opportunity to get quality leads, improve recognition and support their authority.

How to use bloggers to promote your business, then? Many things depend on your research and communication.

Read on to know more about how to find bloggers to promote your product, focus on the right things in communication, and design appropriate messages.

Discover The Bloggers

Your strategy for promotion with bloggers should start with determining your goal and desired results. For sure, you can ask a blogger to write about you and your business.

It is likely to give a specific brand and visibility effect. However, if you want to advertise with bloggers and get the best results, you need to take a systematic approach.

In this regard, you can apply the next common types of search:

Do a manual search by hashtags

Many people use social media to promote their content, and hashtags are widely used to help them find their audience. For you, it is a tool to find a blogger and their publications. Next, you will be able to see their reach and the audience.

Search for bloggers on LinkedIn

Besides, you can find bloggers in your niche by using a LinkedIn search. You can type “writer” or “blogger” and the area you are interested in. Besides, you can search by location, occupation, and company. It works great if you want to find someone email who works for a specific platform or website.


Also, if you operate in the B2B sphere and want to get bloggers to review your product, the LinkedIn search can suit you. That way, you can find the one and improve your online presence.

Google authors and search by keywords

Also, you can google authors or specific blogs by keywords. The ones with the best ranking can be your target. At the same time, looking for particular keywords is another way to find bloggers in your niche that will be relevant to your goal.

Use bloggers’ communities

Lastly, you can search for bloggers in specific communities, like groups on social media or certain platforms. LinkedIn groups are great for finding experts or opinion leaders, while Medium, Blog Engage, or Tribber can help search for bloggers writing about different topics. Also, there are certain websites that allow you to find bloggers by the niche, trends, or issues they cover, working as databases.

Prepare A Message To Send

Once you find writers that can cover your product or mention it, you should consider writing a pitch template to help you start the cooperation. What should you think of?

  • Introduction. It is a primary thing to insert into the template. You should be clear and concise and write who you are and what you do. Next, write the reason you are writing. Notably, you can ask a blogger to write about you and provide details later in the message.
  • Interest and value. The next part of any message is about giving value and interest to the blogger to start cooperation. Some bloggers earn from sponsored posts or affiliate marketing. So, you can offer a reward, a free trial, or a product sample. On the other hand, if you find your product to be life-changing to their audience, you can focus on insisting on this fact and present the value it would give to the audience.
  • Statement of what you want. It is clear that you will ask bloggers to write about you and your business. However, there are different ways to add to your strategy. You can ask for a case study, research, recommendation, or mention of the product. For instance, you can try to get bloggers to review your product within the list they already posted or create a separate review. Thus, be specific; it will save their time and yours.

Find Contact Information

You already know that looking for bloggers requires research. Importantly, when you find a blogger, it is just the start of a journey.


You should search for their contact information as well; otherwise, you won’t be able to offer them any cooperation. What are the ways to contact them? Via emails, direct messages, comments, and platforms. Where to find bloggers’ contact information? Well, you will need to research for:

  • Email address. An excellent way to search for email addresses is to use an email finder. You can find email by name or LinkedIn page of the blogger. It is an excellent option if you want to find bloggers in your niche related to B2B products.
  • Social media. Social media makes it easier to find bloggers. You can engage with them in comments, start building relationships, and then write a direct message to ask for an email or offer cooperation.
  • Databases and platforms. Besides, there are contact databases and platforms where you can access information on bloggers. They may include email addresses, social media pages, phones, and even details regarding occupation and skills. Having them, you can even add to the personalization of the pitch you are to send.

Approach Bloggers with Details in Mind

When you have a template ready and the contact information discovered, you should consider how to approach bloggers. The deal is: if you want to have a successful campaign and get bloggers to review your products, you better use the best practices of the targeted approach. It means that you need to target specific bloggers and try to make them favor you.


How? Personalize your message, add some compliments, and comment on their work. Bloggers love when you appreciate their work and outline specific details. It shows that you are interested and have analyzed their posts.

At the same time, when you add some personalization and ask a blogger to write about you, it differentiates your message from dozens of outreach specialists who just send general emails in bulk. Moreover, be specific regarding how their style suits the promotion of your product; when you advertise with bloggers, details matter. Be exciting and offer collaboration that can be an exciting project for writers to do.

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