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WandaVision’s Nexus Med Commercial Could hold a link to Time Variance Authority

WandaVision’s Nexus Med Commercial Could hold a link to Time Variance Authority 

WandaVision’s commercial antidepressant episode 7 may have a connection to the presence of the Time Variance Authority in the forthcoming Loki series.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

Episode 7 of WandaVision features yet another commercial, but this particular commercial may be a clever relation to the Disney+ upcoming Loki season. After spreading the Hex’s borders across Westview, the new chapter, named ‘Breaking the Fourth Wall,’ follows Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen). With the town under her spell, it is more difficult for Wanda to remain in charge. Now that Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) has shown herself to be the sinister witch known as Agatha Harkness, this will become more complicated.

The Disney+ series features a commercial break with sinister undertones throughout each episode, to play into Wanda’s sitcom universe. The TV commercial introduces a revolutionary antidepressant named “Breaking the Fourth Wall,” in “Nexus.” The capsule in focus is advertised as “a unique antidepressant that works to anchor you back to your reality – or the reality of your choice.” The advertising also exposes possible side effects, like “possibly more depression.” based on her recent feelings of distress, to suit the format of traditional drug ads.

In conjunction with the presence of “Nexus Beings.” the name of the antidepressant may also be significant. Marvel Comics once identified Nexus Beings as rare individuals with powers to manipulate probability and, ultimately, the future. Nexus Entities are the keys to the Multiverse that Olsen suggested as being in a 2013 interview with Scarlet Witch. With that said, the Nexus drug advertising can also refer to the “god of Mischief” of the MCU and his forthcoming solo movie. Tom Hiddleston is reprising his role as Loki for a display covering the whereabouts of the character after the events of Avengers: Endgame. The Time Variance Authority (TVA), which has a long history with Nexus Beings, will also highly feature Loki.

How could Nexus link to MCU Multiverse?

Nexus Marvel Studio Yehweb
It seems fairly obvious in the context of WandaVision that someone is trying to control Wanda. Whereas we weren’t sure exactly who it was before this show, we have an answer for the moment. Looks like it was Agatha Harkness, the nice neighborhood witch. She may even be working for someone else now. But because that’s up in the air, we’re going to blame her for the moment. In a very particular way, the Nexus ad urged Wanda to get on with her life. To join the Nexus and forget their history, which seemed to work for much of the show. Wanda abandoned her children, forgot about Vision, and concluded that it was “meaningless.” Giving her agency to Agatha puts her in a precarious situation as we leave her locked in the dark basement lair of the witch.
If someone is attempting to unlock or reach the Nexus, the reality-warping ability of the Scarlet Witch is a good way to do it. The Hex may already depict the Nexus or may be placed above it. There’s even a possibility the Nexus doesn’t exist. But Agatha and her magic book—which was theoretically written by Chthon as a dimensional gateway—could try to build one. If she works with a bigger bad guy like Chthon or Mephisto, they could use Wanda to channel her magic and use the book to unlock the portal to the multiverse. Basically, it’s important to mention the Nexus here, but if you’re a comic reader, you may know the term from anywhere else.

Possible Connection between WandaVision and Loki

Wanda Vision Loki Yehiweb
With WandaVision nearing its end, we are dreaming about the future. And that means dreaming about the upcoming Disney+ shows that we know our way is going. The introduction of the word Nexus and potentially Nexus Beings gives us a clear link to Loki. This is because the Time Variation Authority tracks Nexus Beings in comics. Who’s the Time Variation Authority? Ok, they’re the people we’ve seen in Loki prison for his forthcoming new film. So while we haven’t seen them in WandaVision yet, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to us if the Nexus Entities came up in Loki. Maybe Loki himself is also one? With the Tesseract/Space Stone, he is continuously changing the future and the past. The strange organization seems to be a possible connector between the films, nevertheless.


Ok, WandaVision had a lot of fun playing red herrings so that they couldn’t mean anything. But what we know about the future of the MCU is the essence of the Nexus. And Agatha will be strongly inspired by the influence of the Nexus beings and their descendants. Above all, in this cosmic part of the comics, there is so much fun to have, let’s hope this will be more than just a tease.

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