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5+ Best SSL Certificate Monitoring Tools

5+ Best SSL Certificate Monitoring Tools 

SSL certificates are a really important component of every site. For this reason, we would like to talk a bit more about them and bring this topic closer to you. We should get started by shortly saying what even SSL certificates are.


In the easiest words possible, an SSL certificate is a protocol between the client and the server. What this means is, for example, when you are searching the web and decide to click on a certain site, the SSL protocol makes sure that your connection with the site goes smoothly and that both you and the site are safe when it comes to sharing information. And all of this happens in a matter of seconds.

Why SSL certificates are so important is the fact they keep you safe, but also your visitors. And this is super important because whenever a person feels unsafe visiting your site, they will simply leave the site.

There are three types of SSL certificates: Domain Validation Certificate, Organization Validation Certificate, and Extended Validation Certificate. Choosing between these three depends on what you consider to be most beneficial for your business.

Now that we have covered this, we would like to introduce some of our favorites when it comes to SSL monitoring. Let us get started

WP Force SSL

WP Force SSL is definitely our number one when it comes to this topic. And let us go over the reasons for this. WP Force SSL really has everything when it comes to SSL certificates.

WP Force SSL

The most mention-worthy feature is probably the Content Scanner. It is a scanner that goes over your site, making sure you avoid having mixed content and compromising your site. Transitioning from HTTP to  HTTPS is not the end of your work. The certificate itself needs renewing. For this reason, WP Force SSL offers a really cool feature called SSL monitoring.

What it does is, keep everything in line, make sure your certificate gets renewed, and keep an eye out for around 50 errors when checking your site. Everything is dealt with on a single dashboard, making your job easier.

This is a super helpful tool that will do all of the work for you. There are other super helpful tools when it comes to SSL monitoring, and you can check that out on the site given above. Behind the tool is a super helpful support team, helping you deal with any kind of problem you might have


This is the second tool we think deserves a spot on our list, and that is because of the features it offers. It offers constant monitoring of your site so that nothing can go past you. Besides sites, the tool can monitor your servers, ports, and so on.

In case the tool does stumble upon anything it considers odd and marks it as an emergency, it will send you a notification on whichever platform you choose. Their options range from SMS, email, Discord, and Telegram,… this way, you are constantly on track with everything, and you do not have to sit at the computer and do the work yourself.


Represents another one of our top choices. Thanks to its more than 150 probes around the world, they can perform checkups on your site even every thirty seconds. All you have to do yourself is past your site’s URL, select how often you want your checkups to be, and how you would like to get notified.

From there on, the tool does all of the work. During the tool’s checkup, in case it finds anything suspicious, you will get notified. You can customize your alerts and select which way you’d like to receive them. You can even share monitoring checks with your viewers if you find them important.


It offers you scanning of your site. If it detects something, it will go through an analysis, with the tool categorizing how big of a threat it is. This way, it allows you to focus firstly on the most critical ones and leave the low-threatening ones for later. You can set up any kind of critical notification. You receive a report on your phone in case you are not in the office at the time.


It differs a bit from the rest of these tools since it is an online SSL checker. It is very easy to use, and everyone will be able to find their way around it. With it, you will be able to see your SSL certificate, be notified of its expiration date, and also have a good support team. We would mostly recommend this tool for someone who requires a simple tool and is maybe just starting to deal with SSL.

Site 24×7

Another good tool that will do its job. It does not only monitor SSL but also your TLS certificate. Its best features are constant monitoring, notifications of expiry on your certificates, vulnerability status of your certificates, and also s super easy and user-friendly dashboard. This is another tool that we would suggest for people who are just starting in this category related to SSL certificates.


All of these tools will do their job, but we simply have to praise WP Force SSL and say that it is not our first choice without reason. It will keep you notified no matter what is happening on your site and will give you full attention no matter the time. We are sure you will not be sorry if you give it a chance.

We hope that you have found this article helpful.

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