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Why Website Malware Scanning Solutions Should be Part of Your Strategy

Why Website Malware Scanning Solutions Should be Part of Your Strategy 

Owning a small business means juggling many moving parts — and, as such, it can be all too easy to let website security slide.

In fact, businesses lose at least $114 billion annually from data breaches, with approximately 25% of these breaches occurring due to negligence. In other words, installing safeguards is a must. Malware scanning is an efficient, hands-off way to maintain your website and keep online hackers from accessing sensitive data.

Malware Code

Here’s a look at what malware is, how a malware scanner can scan the site for malware to maintain your business security, and website malware scanner solutions to improve your online security strategy.

What is Malware?

Malware is broadly described as software that attempts to purposely gain access to a computer system. Unlike a software bug that accidentally allows users access to restricted computer systems, malware is created and distributed with the intent to compromise computer systems and enable hackers to steal at your expense.


From leaking employee data or financial information to preventing access to crucial systems, malware can halt a thriving business — and malware attacks on small to medium-sized businesses keep rising.

As of 2020, there are more than 678 million malware attacks. If that figure sounds alarming — and it should — there’s a way to potentially prevent malware software from gaining access to your business. By installing a website malware checker, you and your business will gain a critical layer of web security.

What is a Website Malware Checker?

Often, web security is overlooked, as it can seem too complicated or unimportant. Some business owners don’t think a malware attack could happen to them. But they would be wrong. Whether done by a human or a bot, cyber-attacks happen to businesses of all sizes. That’s where a website malware scanner comes in handy.

Malware Hack

A website malware scanner is just as it sounds — an automated means to scan your website for malware. No human could maintain tabs on the millions of types of malware out there, especially since that number continually increases.

The website security scan is part of a helpful program that continually gets updated as new information becomes available. It can check business websites for malware, including Trojan horses, worms, adware, viruses, ransomware, spyware, botnets, adware, and even cryptocurrency miners.

What are the Benefits of a Malware Checker?

If your site becomes infected by malware, it could eventually be blacklisted by major web browsers. That’s where a website malware scanner can prove especially helpful by helping to keep your site off the blacklist, thereby protecting your online reputation and search engine ranking.

Malware Scan

A URL malware scanner does the heavy lifting for you. Once installed and activated, the scanner gets to work by:

  • Combing through your system and files
  • Searching out bad actors

As an automated solution, malware scanners can immediately stop attacks. These scans hunt for malicious codes, hidden iframes, external files, blacklisted status, infected files, and other suspicious activities. Indeed, a malware scanner is a valuable way to stay on top of online thieves.

A Solution to Malware

With the right malware scanner, you’ll be able to maintain your business website and keep important data out of online thieves’ hands. Trusted by millions of users, automated cybersecurity tools provide you and your customers better peace of mind. With easy installation and automated email alerts to help you stay in the know, you’ll never wonder where your business website stands regarding online security.

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