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11 Best Free Driver Updater tools to use in 2021

11 Best Free Driver Updater tools to use in 2021 

These free driver updater tools will let you update your hardware’s drivers.

Driver updater tools, as the name implies, update some or every device driver installed on your PC.

We will go through the top 11 best free driver updater tools in this article. These tools make it easy for you to update your system’s hardware drivers especially when you need to write a paper at this time but, anyway, even in this case, you can hire an expert from Pro Essay Writing.

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You won’t have to deal with the device manager after using any driver updater tool mentioned in our list. The tool will find the best and latest driver for your hardware component and install it with few clicks.

The tools mentioned in our list are for your convenience only. In case you don’t want to install each hardware components drivers yourself. And if you don’t want to use these tools, you can see our guide for updating device drivers in Windows.

Top Best Free Driver Updater Tools

#1: Driver Booster

driver booster iobit yehiweb

Driver Booster tops our list as it’s compatible with all versions of Windows. It’s the best free driver updater tool that makes updating drivers simple.

It detects outdated drivers on the system and Downloads/Installs the updated ones. Driver booster downloads and installs the driver from inside the software. So, you won’t have to look for device drivers on manufacturers’ websites.

It also offers a helpful feature like comparison with old driver to the new updated one. So, you can determine whether to install the latest one or keep the one installed on your system.

Driver Booster also creates a restore point before installing new drivers. Restore point comes in handy in case something goes wrong with the installation.

For convenience, you can also run the driver installation in the background. You can access this option in the settings and hide the installation wizard. The tool takes care of everything and saves you the trouble of having to click through many steps.

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Driver Boosters works with Windows 7, 8, 10, Vista, and XP.

Download Drivers from within the application.
Before updating drivers, it creates a restore point.
Scheduled scans for out-of-date drivers
There is no restriction on the number of times you may download and update drivers.
Requires an internet connection to scan for driver updates.
Pro Version button remains visible.
Attempts to install third-party app during setup.

Download Driver Booster

#2: DriverPack

driver pack solution yehiweb

DriverPack seconds our list for best free updater tools as it comes with the best user-friendly UI. You will find only a few buttons to update or install your drivers. It offers simplicity and easy-to-use interface with no confusing screens and options.

Another perk this tool offers bulk download and automated installs. It eliminates the need to navigate through installation wizards.

All you need to do is launch DriverPack and let it run in regular mode. It will detect outdated or missing drivers and download and install them. Or you can opt to use it in Expert mode and choose for yourself the drivers you want to install.

DriverPack interface also shows you basic system information. And it comes with a software downloader to install recommended programs on your computer.

DriverPack updater tool supports and works with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

It installs outdated Drivers even without internet access.
It Performs quick downloads.
Install drivers without any prompts and user input
It offers a “regular mode” for beginners.
Scheduled scans not supported.
The software is often slow.
Unable to hide drivers, so they don’t remain visible in scans.

Download DriverPack

#3: Snappy Driver Installer

snapy driver installer yehiweb

Another free driver updater tool to top our list is Snappy Driver Installer. It functions like the DriverPack updater tool and downloads drivers in bulk at once.

The tool detects outdated or missing drivers for your hardware components. After it downloads all the drivers for your components, the tool allows you to install the drivers. You can install the drivers with or without the internet connections once done.

It’s an easy-to-use tool, and you don’t even need to install it on your computer. You can use an external drive to install the downloaded drivers on any computer.

The best thing about Snappy Driver Installer is that it doesn’t annoy you with any ads. And it also doesn’t affect or limit your downloading speed. It enforces no limits on how many drivers you can install.

Snappy Driver Installer supports 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows 10, 8, 7 Vista, and XP.

No annoying advertisements
Don’t need installation (Completely Portable)
Run Download process from within the software
Install drivers even without internet access.
Does not support Schedule Scans
It isn’t as easy to use as DriverPack

Download Snappy Drivers

#4: Driver Talent

driver talent yehiweb

Another straightforward updater tool is Driver Talent which ranks 4th on our list. The tool downloads your system device driver that saves you the time to look for them on the web.

The perk this tool comes with is that it’s an updater and a fixer tool. It not only detects outdated or missing drivers but fixes the corrupted ones as well.

The good thing is that this tool also creates a restore point by backing up your installed drivers. So in case if something goes wrong with the installation, you can revert to old ones.

You can also see the Driver file size, release date, and version number on the software interface. And these help to identify the correct device drivers for your hardware components.

Driver Talent also comes in an alternate version that works offline. In case you don’t have network drivers installed on your system. You can use the alternate version of the tool to install them on your system.

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Like other Driver Talent also supports Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

Fast Installation.
Install Drivers from within the Software.
Easy to use interface.
Backs up installed drivers before updating.
Bulk download not supported.
Schedule Scan not customizable.
Not all features are free.

Download Drive Talent

#5: DriversCloud

drivers cloud yehiweb

DriversCloud ranks 5th on our list as a free driver updater tool. It detects detailed information about your system’s hardware, software, and outdated drivers.

After downloading the program, it starts the process by directing you to a web page. On the web browser, it will present you with a detailed analysis of your system.

The analysis includes BSOD, Network Configuration, Drivers, Autorun, and other tabs.

You can inspect the new driver’s information and compare it to the installed one. You can also see the driver’s version number, manufacturer, INF file name and date, and hardware ID.

The tool works in and supports Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and Windows 2000.

Allows Beta Driver update installations
Shows WHQL certified driver updates
It shows a detailed analysis of system information as well as details of drivers.
It does not download Drivers itself.
It does not support Bulk downloads or updates.

Download DriversCloud

#6: DriverIdentifies

driver identifier yehiweb

Another handy driver updater tool is DriverIdentifier, ranking 6th on our list. The very best feature it offers is driver scan even when you don’t have access to the internet.

The tool scans the computer and generates an HTML file with the list of all required drivers. You can then open that file on a computer with access to the internet.

DriverIdentifier website will cross-reference the results listed on your HTML file. After that, it will present you with updated links next to every driver listed on the website.

You can download the portable version of DriverIdentifies as well.

The tool support all versions of Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

It does not need access to the internet to run Driver Scan.
Available as a Portable tool
Easy to use and understand
Detailed analysis of outdated or missing drivers.
It requires manual Download of Drivers from the web Browser.
Scan Schedule won’t check for outdated drivers.
The download requires the registration of a user account.

Download Driver Identifier

#7: Free Driver Scout

driver scout yehiweb

Another fantastic free driver updater on our list is Free Driver Sout. It offers an accurate automatic update for your system drivers.

That means that it will not only scan for updates but also download and install them. And it requires no input from you, unlike other programs listed here.

You can also exclude device drivers that you don’t want to see during the scan for an update in the future.

And like we previously mentioned, this tool also backs up all your installed drivers. That saves you from the trouble when something goes wrong with the driver’s update.

The best feature that this tool offer is a utility called the OS Migration tool. In case you are going to install a different Windows OS. It will find new device drivers supported on your new OS.

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You can save the drivers in a custom location or on a USB. And when you complete the installation of your other Windows operating system. You can use the same tool to install these new OS-specific drivers on your system.

That saves you from the trouble to search the internet for each device driver.

Driver Scout support all Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

Auto Update Drivers.
It supports Bulk downloads for Drivers.
Schedules Scan for Outdated Drivers.
Compared to other tools, it finds fewer outdated drivers.
Installation wizards prompt to install third-party applications.
The software has not had an update in a long time.

Download Free Driver Scout

#8: Driver Easy

driver easy yehiweb

Next in line for the best free driver updater is Driver Easy. If fines updates for outdated drivers in Windows. You can also schedule a scan on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

The tool runs these scans when your PC is idle or when you log on to windows. It downloads the drivers from within the software and does not direct you to any webpage.

You don’t need access to an internet connection with a driver easy to scan for driver updates. You can also view system and hardware information from within the software interface.

Driver Easy works in and supports Windows 10, 8, 7, and Vista.

Supports Schedule scans to check driver updates
Quick Driver scan.
Download Drivers from within the Software.
Slow download speed.
Updates require manual installation.
Bulk Downloaded not supported.
Some features are made available only after payment.

Download Driver Easy

#9: Device Doctor

device doctor yehiweb

Next on our list is Device Doctor, available as a regular and portable version. That leaves you with a choice to use a regular program or a portable app on an external device like USB.

It has a simple interface and allows you to scan for outdated drivers on a regular basis. But, when it detects an outdated driver, it will direct you to a webpage.

The tool doesn’t update the detected outdated drivers itself. You must download the driver from the website that it leads you to.

And because this tool requires driver download outside of its program. You may have to install tools like 7Zip or Winrar to extract the downloaded drivers.

Although it’s a great tool to have, it enforces a limit on how many drivers you can download a day. As of now, you can only download one driver a day.

Unlike other tools, these tools detect drivers only for Windows XP and Windows 10 systems.

Download drivers from inside the software.
Checks for outdated drivers when the system is idle.
Easy to use and understand interface.
Also available in portable version.
It can only download one driver a day.
It does not show the driver’s version number and date to verify an updated version.
It requires manual download and installation for outdated drivers.
It does not back up installed drivers or create a backup point.
Shows advertisements.

Download Device Doctor

#10: DriverHub

driver hub yehiweb

The second last on our list is the DriverHub driver updater tool. It comes with an easy-to-use interface and downloads and installs the drivers for you.

The best feature that this tool offers is a whole section dedicated to recovery. So, you won’t have to worry if something goes wrong during the update or installation of drivers.
The tool presents you with a clean interface and only a few buttons to perform its tasks. In the options, you can also change the download destination folder.
For convenience, DriverHub offers two modes, regular and advanced modes. In a regular mode, DriverHub installs whatever it recommends. And in advanced mode, you can choose which driver to install, see version numbers or get a detailed report.

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DriverHub has another section called Useful programs, which isn’t driver-related. But it does include the shortcuts for the following valuable tools:

DriverHub supports and works in Windows 10, 8, and 7.

Clear and easy-to-use interface.
Download drivers with a click of a button.
It supports Bulk Downloads.
It offers Regular and Advanced modes for convenience.
Setup installation wizards prompt installation of third-party applications.

Download Driver Hub

#11: DriverMax

driver max yehiweb

The last on our list of free driver updater tools is DriverMax. It’s a free tool for Windows that detects and updates outdated drivers. But, it’s limited in a few areas.

Other than updating outdated drivers, it also backs up currently installed drivers. Which is a helpful feature in case something goes wrong with the installation.

Compared to other tools, DriverMax detects a higher number of outdated drivers. It downloads valid updates, which you can verify by checking the version numbers.

DriverMax supports and works for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.
DriverMax only enforces the limits per day and month. You can still check for outdated device drivers; the limit is only on downloads.

It installs Drivers itself without any prompt.
Can install only signed drivers.
Download Drivers from inside the program.
Backs up installed device drivers.
It can’t always find the right device driver.
It enforces a limit on downloads per day and month.
It does not support Bulk Download.

Download Driver Max

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