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6 of the Best Online Games to Play for a Beginner: Make Sure You Start Your Gaming Journey in the Right Way

6 of the Best Online Games to Play for a Beginner: Make Sure You Start Your Gaming Journey in the Right Way 

So, you’ve invested in a gleaming new gaming console, a monstrously powerful PC, or the latest smartphone model, and now you want to play games on it. So, what’s next? You could head to an online casino for some great entertainment and once you’re done, check out these awesome games for newbies.

Suppose you’ve been around gaming for a while. In that case, you’ll know where to look for reviews, which developers and publishers produce the best games, and what everyone is excited to play. It can, however, be scary if you’re just getting started. Every year roughly 1,000 new titles are released on consoles and PC. So, how are you going to decide what to play?

Even if you don’t know how to hold a controller, you can play the many fantastic games on this list. They can be played on various platforms, most of which you already own. There’s something for everyone on our list of online games for beginners, including multiple genres and interests.

1. Sea of Thieves

You can sail the seven seas in the best pirate simulator available. The open-ended nature of Sea of Thieves casts you and your companions as a crew of scallywags, free to wander the ocean. It’s possible that you’ll be charged with completing missions for different organizations or moving products between ports. You can go treasure hunting and obtain treasure maps. You are welcome to relax on the deck and play a cheerful tune on one of the numerous instruments. If you’re feeling brave, you may even load your weapons, mount the mast, and use your spyglass to search for other crews to sink.

2. Spyro

Spyro Gameplay

Spyro is a bright and family-friendly classic that appeals to both new and veteran gamers. Spyro, an adorable but fierce little dragon, and his dragonfly companion Sparx set out to release other dragons from crystal prisons throughout the planet in this game. It is a platformer; therefore, you’ll have to navigate the world by leaping, flying, and swimming while avoiding or fighting monsters and traps.

3. Stardew Valley

Have you ever fantasized about getting away from it all and trading your hectic city life for a calm, country life? If that’s the case, Stardew Valley is the game for you. The ultimate escapism fantasy is Stardew Valley. You quit your work to inherit an old family farm in the game. While renovating a patch of land from an abandoned landfill to a prosperous farm, the player must cultivate, harvest, and sell their produce. Every day comes a fresh set of challenges and tasks.

4. Minecraft

Minecraft Screenshot

Regardless of your age, Minecraft is an excellent place to begin playing video games. Surviving the brutal universe around you is a simple concept. You do this by building your own home, farming animals and vegetables, and fighting monsters. However, you won’t have to fight any overpowering battles because most of these monsters move slowly.

5. Firewatch

Firewatch is a first-person walking simulator that gently walks you through each step. You’re Henry, a man who took on fire-watching duties in a forested national park to get away from his wife’s early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Henry’s walkie-talkie crackles with the disembodied voice of Delilah, the lady monitoring the area, which is his only link to civilization. Delilah’s regular banter is helping Henry come to grips with his unfortunate circumstances, but the aftermath of a mysterious murder forces Henry into the thick of it.

6. Journey 

Journey Gameplay

Journey is an adventure game developed by Thatgamecompany, which also developed Flow and Flower. You take control of a strange hooded figure traversing a desert wasteland in search of a mysterious light in the distance. You solve easy tasks along the route, collect hints about your final destination, and engage with other players doing the same thing. The journey is a stunning, evocative, and sometimes even soothing game that exemplifies how games can elicit emotions and subtly tell a story.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of good online games to try, but hopefully you know where to start now after reading our short article.

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