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Backup MySQL Database to FTP Server – Shell Script Easy Guide

Backup MySQL Database to FTP Server – Shell Script Easy Guide 

Backup MySQL Database to FTP Server

As a server administrator, you must back up the data on a regular basis. Backups are extremely useful for recovering data in the event of a crash or corruption. I created a quick script to create database backups from MySQL and upload them to an FTP server. 

As a system administrator, I suggest that you maintain a remote copy of each backup. You may also use our new advanced script to backup and export MySQL databases to remote locations.

Copy the script below into a shell script file. Then execute after updating all of the necessary values.

Setup Details – Change the following variable in the above script to match your device setting. To make the script work, make sure all of the values are right.

  • LOCAL_BACKUP_DIR => Local Direction Path For Storing Backups
  • DB_NAME => Name Of Database
  • DB_USER => Name Of Database Administrator
  • DB_PASSWORD => Password For Database Administrator
  • FTP_SERVER => Hostname’s FTP Server Ip
  • FTP_USERNAME => Username For FTP
  • FTP_PASSWORD => Password For FTP
  • FTP_UPLOAD_DIR => Backup Path for FTP Server
  • LOG_FILE => Name And Location Of The Log File

I hope this script will aid you in backing up your database to an FTP server.

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