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The Five Best No Code App Builders for 2023

The Five Best No Code App Builders for 2023 

No-code platforms for developing websites and apps are gradually but steadily taking over the modern era of software development. Developing was traditionally associated with coding, but in recent years, the internet has provided us with numerous spectacular platforms, such as embedded dashboards, that require no coding skills to build and publish your own software.

Thus, in this post, we’ll look at some of the top no-code app builders on the market and highlight their key features and characteristics. So, let’s get started.

  1. Frontly


Frontly is a robust platform for building SaaS and Marketplace apps ten times faster with zero coding! It is a super scalable and customizable platform that lets you create your app within five minutes – whether you create it from the scratch or choose some of the built-in templates.

This one is a perfect mix of tools for creating SaaS products, Marketplaces, Analytics, and Flexible CRMs.

To start creating with Frontly, simply add modules such as tables, forms, and buttons, connect data by syncing Google Sheets, Airtable, or custom API, and build logic. It allows you to create actions that will fetch new data, trigger updates, navigate pages, and more, integrate data with third-party apps, define permissions, fully rebrand your app upload your logo, and colors, connect custom domains, and others.

Pricing: Starts at $29 per user, per month with a 30-day free trial.

  1. Stacks


Stacks is a great platform for marketing and web design agencies, and small businesses for creating native iOS and Android apps from the scratch in the simplest possible way without any coding knowledge! Create and publish apps for your WordPress website that fit your brand to increase sales.

The entire procedure is carried out using a drag-and-drop builder, which allows you to create an app in minutes. Using the ClutterFree dashboard, you can create an endless number of blocks and sections and fully customize them.

It provides you with the features:

  • Payment methods: Whatever payment option you use in your online store can also be used with this one.
  • External and internal linking: Customize how you want your customer to interact with different pages on your app.
  • Google Admob monetization: Increase revenue from your mobile app.
  • Push notifications: Reach and communicate with your customers anytime.
  • Customizable menu items: Add and customize as many menu items as you want, and link them internally or externally.
  • Translation: Reach more customers by translating your app into any language you want.
  • Chat and forms: Connect instantly with your customers via embedded chats and forms for the best experience.
  • Add audio and video: Share any audio and video content using Iframes.
  • Add location: Add opening hours, enter your exact location, and ask for reviews thanks to integration with Google Maps integration.

Customize your app’s header and footer with endless sets of icons, photos, and color schemes, choose from over 20 themes, and make it your own. App development can be done easily on any device, and customer behavior and statistics on your app can be tracked with advanced analytics tools to provide a better user experience and increase income.

Pricing: From $5 to $39 a month.

  1. Conektto


Conektto is a remarkable low-code platform that allows anyone to design and develop APIs, and test them in minutes! It is a platform designed specifically for developers, product managers, and QA testers to provide the best experience and optimal performance by providing all of the tools and functionality required to execute end-to-end API management. It offers a variety of features, such as:

  • API Design Studio: Design and simulate created APIs.
  • API Test Harness: Mocking, test generation, test data, test execution, and performance test.
  • Enterprise API SDLC: Design, simulate, visualize, code, mock, test, and deploy APIs.
  • Hybrid API Orchestrator: Design and build complex API integrations.

Conektto enables you to build APIs at a reasonable cost while adhering to industry standards and working with your team for faster development. It is one of the most reliable, consistent, and flexible platforms for building, deploying, security testing, and publishing API data.

To start creating APIs, simply log in to the dashboard via LinkedIn credentials. Then click on the ‘Create new API project’ button which will open a pop-up where you give your API name, upload spec, connect your existing database (MySQL, Postgres, and SQL Server), and invite participants you would like to collaborate with by email. Designing a database is done using drag-and-drop. From the left-hand side navigation, click on ‘Create resource’ and provide its name, path, and operation.

Pricing: One-time purchase of $79.

  1. Webflow


One of the most popular solutions for creating apps with zero coding at the moment is Webflow. Without writing a single line of code, you can design, collaborate, and scale great websites in a completely visual canvas! However, Webflow though requires basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript knowledge. Using the tools it has in its arsenal, you can build a perfectly functional site by adding buttons, images, animations, videos, and more.

Create content-driven designs that perfectly present your product to the world, launch eCommerce stores to increase sales, or create subscription forms to grow your audience while growing revenue.

Webflow also offers you great collaboration tools which enable you to create, publish, update and work together with your team, optimize SEO rankings, build logic flows and sync your CMS, and integrate your website with third-party apps and tools.

Pricing: Development is free, while the publishing plans would cost you from $14 to $39 a month!

  1. Bubble


Bubble is yet another great platform for developing apps fast without any need for coding! Make prototypes and demonstrate your product to the team, launch it in a short time, collaborate, and scale. It allows you to design, build workflows, import data, customize styles, and add plugins.

Create mobile-friendly layouts and content with no traffic or data storage limits, as well as integrations with email, SEO, analytics, and other tools. You can personalize everything to improve user experience, manage data and accounts, build, search, and export data structures, and interface your app with any third-party app or API using a comprehensive range of tools.

Pricing: Free, Personal ($25), Professional ($115), and Production ($475) a month.


We have presented you with some of the best no-code app builders you should consider for your next project in the lines above. However, we would like to highlight Frontly as the most prominent.

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