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Everything You Need to Know About WhatsApp Web [Ultimate Guide]

Everything You Need to Know About WhatsApp Web [Ultimate Guide] 

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All the WhatsApp Web questions you were afraid to ask are answered here.

WhatsApp isn’t solely about phone users. You can use WhatsApp Web on your Mac, Windows, iPad, or Android tablet to access the popular chat messenger.

WhatsApp Web is simple to set up on all of these devices, and the best part is that you can do it without having to use your phone. In a nutshell, WhatsApp Web is a web-based version of the WhatsApp mobile app.

To use WhatsApp Web, you must have your iPhone or Android phone next to your computer. We’ll also tell you whether you should use WhatsApp Web when your phone is switched off or when you’re far away from your computer in this article.

We’ve compiled a list of key features that you should be familiar with in order to master WhatsApp Web. Continue reading to learn how to use WhatsApp Web and how it functions.

How to Use WhatsApp Web

  1. As previously mentioned, WhatsApp web is a mobile-based version of WhatsApp. Follow these steps to get started with WhatsApp Web:
  2. Open your preferred browser on your computer and type into the address bar and hit enter. You’ll now be prompted to scan the QR code on the screen. Open WhatsApp on your Android phone, then tap the vertical three-dots icon and click WhatsApp Web. Similarly, if you’re using an iPhone, open WhatsApp, tap Settings, and then tap WhatsApp Web.
  3. Scanning the QR code on your computer screen is the next step. That’s all there is to it; WhatsApp Web is now active on your computer. Simply open the chat threads of your friends to begin chatting with them. In addition, by clicking on the new chat button, you can initiate a new chat.
  4. For the record, WhatsApp Web is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers.
  5. Please keep in mind that in order for WhatsApp Web to function, your phone must be switched on and connected to the internet.

How to Download Whatsapp Web App and use with QR code

If you’d rather have WhatsApp as a desktop app rather than having to open your web browser and launch WhatsApp Web every time you close it, follow these steps:

  1. Go to on your computer and press enter.
  2. Click the green Download button under WhatsApp for Mac or Windows PC. You don’t have to search for a specific version for your device because the website correctly detects if you’re using a Mac or a Windows PC.
  3. When your file has been downloaded, open it and install it on your computer.
  4. You’ll now see a QR code similar to the one that appears when you open WhatsApp Web in a browser.
  5. Open WhatsApp and scan the QR code with your phone. If you’re using an Android phone, open WhatsApp and select WhatsApp Web from the vertical three-dots icon. If you’re using an iPhone, go to WhatsApp > Settings > WhatsApp Web.
  6. Check the Keep me signed in option directly below the QR code before scanning the code. This will save you from having to check the code every time you open the app.
  7. That’s the end of it. WhatsApp is now installed on your computer as an application.

Does WhatsApp Web function while the phone is turned off?

The straightforward answer is no. If the mobile number for which it is synced is switched off, WhatsApp Web would not run on your computers or tablets. WhatsApp Web needs your phone with an active WhatsApp account to be switched on, as well as an active internet connection. When you’re linked to WhatsApp Web, it won’t log you out even though you close the window or turn off your system. This means that if you visit, your WhatsApp chats will open.

Furthermore, WhatsApp Web does not need the presence of a phone. This means that even though the phone and the computer on which WhatsApp Web is active are thousands of miles away, they will continue to work. As previously said, your phone must have an active internet connection, because if you’ve linked your account with the WhatsApp Web client, it will stay connected even if you fly to another country.

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How to Edit Your Profile on WhatsApp Web

Follow these steps to edit your personal details in WhatsApp Web, such as your name, profile photo, and about:

  1. In your computer’s browser, open WhatsApp Web or open the desktop application.
  2. At the top of the tab, press your profile icon. To update your profile picture from your screen, first click on it if you haven’t already > then click on Upload photo or Take a photo, depending on your preference.
  3. Your name appears under your profile photo. To edit, click the pencil icon.
  4. Similarly, you’ll see About below your name. To edit, click the pencil icon.
  5. You have no option to post WhatsApp Status, unfortunately. Your contact status stories can still be checked. Click the status icon next to your profile > now to see your profile status, click on any contact.

How to enable Whatsapp Web Dark Mode

WhatsApp Web does not allow dark mode officially but two methods are available to facilitate it. You can either allow it with your browser’s Inspect Element option or with an extension installed. Here is what you have to do:

  1. On your phone, go to WhatsApp Web and log in using the QR code. To do so, open WhatsApp on your Android phone, tap the three-dots icon in the top-right corner, pick Settings, and then WhatsApp Web. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone and go to Settings > WhatsApp Web. Now login by scanning the code on your computer’s screen.
  2. Right-click the WhatsApp Web page and select Inspect Element from the drop-down menu. Now look for body class=“web” in the code. You may need to check for body in certain browsers, such as Safari for Mac.
  3. Right-click on this line and click Edit.
  4. Now replace it with body or body
    To apply changes, press Enter on the keyboard or simply click anywhere else on the tab.
  5. WhatsApp Web now allows you to use dark mode.
  6. Install the Stylus plugin on Firefox or Google Chrome if you find this too complicated.
  7. Install the Dark WhatsApp style from this site. You can also get this theme from Github (just scroll down to the Installation section).
  8. That’s all there is to it; now open WhatsApp Web and enjoy dark mode.

Voice/Video Calling on WhatsApp Web

Although WhatsApp Web helps you to chat, share images and videos to friends and relatives, check statuses, and even archive and block chats, you’ll be disappointed to learn that voice and video calls are still not available. Officially, WhatsApp has yet to implement the function.

This makes WhatsApp Web unsuitable for business purposes, at least for the time being. Consumer-grade services do have the advantage that they’re often free, but restrictions like this often make them incredibly awkward for business use. It pays off to look at some of the best business phone services instead.

If you absolutely need to make a voice or video call from your phone using WhatsApp, follow these instructions. Please keep in mind that there will be some restrictions, which we will discuss later.

  1. Download Bluestacks from Bluestacks is one of the most common Android emulators for computers, for those who are unaware.
  2. When downloaded, launch WhatsApp and sign in with the phone number you use with the service.
  3. Notice that if you register the phone number in Bluestacks for WhatsApp, it will no longer function on the computer where it was previously registered. That is, since you used the same phone number to set up WhatsApp in Bluestacks, you can now just use WhatsApp on Bluestacks and not on your phone. Sorry, but that was the constraint we were debating.
  4. Apart from that, after you’ve set up WhatsApp in Bluestacks with your phone number, you can start adding friends to your accounts, open their chat threads, and make voice or video calls. The user interface is identical to that of an Android smartphone.

What to Do If WhatsApp Web Doesn’t Work?

You now understand what WhatsApp Web is, how to use it, and how to access it. However, there are occasions when WhatsApp Web or the desktop app will not work on your computer due to a couple of reasons. To address those issues, take the following steps:

  1. It’s likely that you’re having difficulties with your phone connection, stopping WhatsApp Web from running on your computer. To solve this, make sure your phone is still connected to the internet.
  2. It’s even possible that you’re having issues with your computer’s connection. Make sure your computer’s Internet connection is working if you see a yellow banner over your chats list with the error message “Computer not connected.” Not only does your phone need a continuous and active internet connection, but so does your computer.
  3. Finally, when using WhatsApp Web, you can experience Wi-Fi issues. If WhatsApp Web alerts you that you’re linked to a Wi-Fi network that’s stopping it from running properly, check to see if the network is configured to allow traffic to,

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How to Download All Media from WhatsApp Web

Unlike the WhatsApp mobile app, WhatsApp Web does not allow you to download all media. Though WhatsApp Web helps you to download images, videos, and audio files, there isn’t a way to download all of them at once. Instead, if you want to download media from WhatsApp Web, you’ll have to click on each file individually to download it.

How to Disable Auto-Download in WhatsApp Web

On WhatsApp Web, as previously said, there is no way to download all media at once. Similarly, on WhatsApp Web, there is no way to auto-download media files. That means you won’t have to think about auto-downloaded media files from WhatsApp clogging up your device’s storage for the time being.

Miscellaneous settings for WhatsApp Web

Aside from texting and editing your personal records, there is a slew of other things you’ll need to know to master WhatsApp Web. Take a look at this:

  1. WhatsApp Web, like the mobile app, helps you to archive, delete, or pin chats. To do so, hover your cursor over contact and press the downward-facing arrow > pick what you want to archive, delete, or pin the particular chat from the available choices. Pinned chats show at the top of the list of chats, and you can pin up to three chats at a time. When you pick the archived chats option, the chats become hidden. To browse archived chats, press the vertical three-dots icon > click Archive.
  2. WhatsApp Web also helps you to blacklist contacts and see your list of Blocked contacts. To block a contact, open their chat thread > click on their name to open their contact details > scroll down and click Block. To view your Blocked contacts or simply unblock those you have previously blocked, press the vertical three-dots icon > Settings > Blocked.
  3. On WhatsApp Web, you can change the default chat wallpaper to a solid color. To do so, press the vertical three-dots icon > Settings > Chat Wallpaper > and choose your preferred color. Unfortunately, you do not have the ability to set any picture of your choice as the chat backdrop, which is something you can do on your phone.
  4. On WhatsApp Web, you can mute a certain contact’s notifications. To do so, open the contact’s chat thread > click on their name to open their contact details > check Mute Notifications, then pick the time you wish to mute the notifications for.
  5. Furthermore, if you don’t want to mute someone’s notifications but just want to toggle off all alerts and sounds for WhatsApp Web, you can do so. Click the three vertical dots button, then Preferences, then Alerts. Uncheck the options from the checkboxes and make the required modifications.

As previously stated, WhatsApp Web has been around for five years and operates perfectly well on computers for simple tasks like chatting and sending files. However, with the list of features available on Android and iOS, it would be fantastic if any (if not all) of those features were merged into WhatsApp Web. To name a couple, there’s a native Dark Mode, voice and video calling, and the option to add status stories. Before then, here’s what you need to know about using WhatsApp Web.

Visit our how-to section for more guides.

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