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The updates for S7 and S7+ Galaxy Tab will add pen to text, Buds Pro 360 Audio support

The updates for S7 and S7+ Galaxy Tab will add pen to text, Buds Pro 360 Audio support 

S7 and S7+ Galaxy Tab

An upgrade will boost the experience of using the S Pen and Galaxy Buds Pro with Android Slabs dramatically for Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+. This upgrade would allow you to inject handwritten text into apps that normally need input from the keyboard – for instance, you can write a URL in your tab and a question in the search area.

Samsung Notes will also be able to translate automatically to the same ‘Pen to text’ option. It supports more than 80 languages (any Samsung keyboard language), and it also understands punctuation. A few clever movements can easily overcome errors – for example, drawing a “v” inserts a gap between characters, the “” joins different words.

Note: The Pen to Text will be introduced as part of an
upgrade to select markets at the end of February.

Samsung Notes will also be able to search and edit documents by taking an image with a tablet camera.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

The latest Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro features a 360 Audio feature that monitors the head motions. It changes the direction of sound for a more immersive experience. This doesn’t function with the S7 and S7+ tabs yet, but it will be available as part of the upgrade.

By the way, 360 Audio operates with other computers that have been upgraded to One UI 3.1—here’s the list in case you missed it. It seems like it will be available on the older Tab S6 and Tab S6 Lite as well, even though Samsung has not officially stated that they will only get One UI 3.1.

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