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Biggest Gaming Tech Trends in 2022: Make Sure You Stay on Top in a Growing Market

Biggest Gaming Tech Trends in 2022: Make Sure You Stay on Top in a Growing Market 

The next five years will see gaming grow from a $140 billion industry to over $200 billion. The reasons for this growth aren’t that hard to understand. In the past five years, technology has shifted to make it easier than ever before to create and distribute games.

The result? More games and more people are playing games. Unfortunately, all of this is bad news for developers who don’t have a solid understanding of the tech trends that are powering this growth.

These Are the 5 Biggest Gaming Tech Trends in 2022

1. Virtual Reality

Person Playing VR

Virtual reality is one of the most significant and crucial gaming tech trends. One of the most exciting products in video games is virtual reality — and for a good reason. The idea of being able to step into your favorite game is compelling, but there’s a vast difference between an idea and a product that millions of people will want to use.

This is a rapidly growing industry that will only get bigger as headsets get more affordable and the overall technology gets better.

Right now, virtual reality still has some significant hurdles to overcome. For one, most headsets are pretty expensive, especially if you need to buy a new computer or console to go with them.

Furthermore, they can be pretty uncomfortable and even cause nausea if you play for too long or don’t take frequent breaks. VR headsets are improving with each passing year and should be considerably more comfortable in 2022.

2. Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is another huge trend for 2022. The idea is that instead of buying and downloading games onto your personal computer or gaming console, you can stream them from the cloud to your device.

Right now, it’s not quite good enough for serious gamers who need the best possible performance without any lag or latency issues, but it’s getting better every year and should be at least somewhat viable by 2022.

3. NFTs and Blockchain

Sticker With NFT

Blockchain is a decentralized ledger of transactions maintained by several participants rather than a single authority such as a bank or government. Each block contains information about its predecessor, so all activity that has ever taken place on the chain is stored forever. This makes it transparent and tamper-proof — perfect for tracing assets.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique digital assets built on blockchain technology. They enable people to own online property without relying on a third party to verify their ownership.

4. Esports

Esports is also a growing trend. One billion people worldwide watch video games for entertainment, and it’s estimated that $1 billion will be spent on esports in 2020. The technology powering these games is changing too.

As the internet continues to improve, competitive gamers will be able to play in higher definition at faster speeds than ever before. These improvements will pave the way for more professional gamers and more opportunities as esports become more mainstream.

5. The Metaverse

Woman in Metaverse

The metaverse is the idea of a virtual world that mirrors our real world and where we can interact with other users. There are already several players in this space with varying degrees of realism and interactivity. Second Life, for example, is known for being more realistic, whereas Fortnite is more cartoon-like.

As VR technology continues to advance, we’ll see the metaverse become less cartoon-like and more realistic. The metaverse will also be tied to other technologies like blockchain.

In Conclusion

The gaming industry is really promising, and we hope that this short article helped you get in touch with the newest and hottest gaming tech trends in 2022.

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