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Fix: Errors Occurring During the Computer Startup Process
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Fix: Errors Occurring During the Computer Startup Process 

Given the thousands of possible error messages a computer user may encounter only from the time the power is turned on to when your desktop is up and available, it may seem absurd that we’ve written a set of instructions for “fixing errors.”

However, the fact that you’ve received an error message places you among a select group of computer failure victims. Unlike a nonspecific symptom like a blank screen or no power at all, an error message provides you a specific place to work from.

Fix: Errors Occurring During the Computer Startup Process

  1. Document the error message seen on your screen. While this may seem self-evident to some, copying the error message in its full and without mistakes is maybe the most important thing you can do when your computer is starting up.

You might be trying to fix a problem with a file, driver, or piece of hardware that you don’t truly have a problem with because you misspelled a DLL file or typed the wrong letters in a STOP code.

  1. As previously stated, there are hundreds of errors that may occur during the startup process of a computer. However, there is a select handful that appears on a more frequent basis.

If you’re lucky” enough to encounter one of these common errors, you may save yourself the time and effort of looking for a solution by focusing on the problem that’s generating the error:

  1. Even if we don’t have particular troubleshooting information for your startup error yet, you could benefit from a little more information.

Here are some links to error message lists that you may see during startup:

We also keep a list of Device Manager error codes and HTTP status codes, but the issues that cause these errors aren’t the same as the ones that prevent Windows from booting.

  1. If you haven’t already done so, try using your preferred search engine to look for a solution to your problem. Your search string should include the full error message or, if one is mentioned, the file name that the error message references, enclosed in quotes, for the best results.

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