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How to Use a Linux Command to Send Email from Gmail or SMTP

How to Use a Linux Command to Send Email from Gmail or SMTP 

Linux Command

In a previous tutorial, we covered SSMTP, which allows you to send email using the Linux command line using an SMTP server. Using the send email command-line utility, this tutorial makes the operation even simpler. SendEmail is a lightweight command-line SMTP email client that allows you to send emails over an SMTP server. We also covered how to install the send email kit as well as a few explanations of how to send email using a remote SMTP server like Gmail in this article.

Table of Contents

Install the SendEmail Package

The SendEmail SMTP client is available in the Ubuntu default repositories; use the commands below to install it.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install sendemail

Sending Email Through SMTP

Example 1: In this example, the email body text is passed as an argument to the command (-o message-file=/tmp/mailbody.txt).

sendemail -l email.log     \
    -f ""   \
    -u "Email Subject 1"     \
    -t "" \
    -s ""  \
    -o tls=yes \
    -xu "" \
    -xp "Email Password" \
    -o message-file="/tmp/mailbody.txt"

Example 2: In this example, the email body text is piped in from the output of another command. You may also include a cc and bcc email address.

cat mailbody.txt | sendemail -l email.log \
    -f ""  \
    -u "Email Subject 2"  \
    -t ""  \
    -cc ""  \
    -bcc ""  \
    -s ""  \
    -o tls=yes  \
    -xu ""  \
    -xp "Email Password"
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