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Top 10 Android App Development Trends for 2022: The Future Is Looking Bright for App Developers!

Top 10 Android App Development Trends for 2022: The Future Is Looking Bright for App Developers! 

Even with so many apps available, the mobile application development industry has a high demand. There are already 5 million instant apps, but users’ needs change all the time. Therefore, mobile application development strives to deliver on-demand apps and innovative solutions.

Undoubtedly our society is rapidly becoming more reliant on mobile devices and, by extension, mobile applications. And innovations in technology provide opportunities not only for developing new solutions but also for enhancing existing ones.

The mobile app industry plays a crucial role when everyone relies on their mobile applications in today’s society. The innovative technologies will allow new experiences for the app users and add new app functionalities to existing ones. And let’s not forget that users will spend a considerable portion of their time on their mobile apps due to the pandemic and lockdowns.

App programmers need to be aware of the mobile development tendencies to suit users’ dynamic needs and be experienced enough to keep up with new technologies. All mobile software apps to be created with the user’s needs and technology breakthroughs in mind.

The Top 10 Android App Development Trends

1. Incorporating 5G Technology

Phone With 5G Technology

The new 5G technology is meant to simplify the use of mobile applications. Most apps require stable and fast connections with the Internet. A lot of video content, multiplayer games, and social media demand good quality Internet.

Сellular providers and governments are working on infrastructure to cover industry needs. Developers who create games, transport applications, and messengers should be ready for such an opportunity.

2. Internet of Things (IoT) App Integration

How about managing your home facilities using your smartphone? You can connect your mobile to a heat convection system or security solutions or even switch lights on and off at your home. It makes your life comfortable, and developers need to be ready to provide modern solutions.

The native mobile apps won’t only focus on the primary tasks such as communication, purchasing, and socialization. The score of functionalities will extend to connecting with the smart homes and integrating voice search.

The IoT has already gained huge profits, and many of them fall to app development. The mobile application development tendencies will focus on IoT devices in the future years. We can’t wait to see how mobile applications will change our lives for the better.

3. Augmented and Virtual Reality Integration

Person Using VR Technology

People like to interplay and receive new feelings. Nevertheless, new waves of the pandemic have limited the ability to travel or attend concerts, meetings, exhibitions. But, how about attending the event without a physical presence?

Such technologies like virtual reality allow us to be involved in interactions. It’s a great option to make the gaming process more pleasant and attractive. Also, augmented reality is useful for educational purposes, especially for kids who have a chance to review how physical processes work.

Augmented and Virtual Reality increases the level of involvement.

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

The mobile app industry trends already include some form of AI, such as facial recognition to secure digital identity. The implementation will extend to far more than just that.

Owners of smartphones will enjoy improved cyber security, providing them peace of mind. Many mobile applications that contain sensitive info are already protected with facial recognition. Also, the ML will shorten the app development process.

Just imagine how AI and ML technologies can increase the level of your computer opponents, making it helpful if you create strategic app games.

5. Cloud Integration

Visualization of the Cloud

As you know, a lot of applications that you can download from the Google play store or Apple store use cloud technologies.

This mobile app trend provides many advantages for users. People can safely store their data on mobile devices and never have to worry about security or storage space. The app development will rely on cloud integration for the utmost convenience.

6. Enterprise Mobile Applications

Enterprises are ready to implement mobile applications to their business process models. Apps are helpful for creating feedback systems for large companies.

Every employee has quick access to instructions policies and can leave feedback regarding the current process or suggest improvements.

The majority of companies understand the importance of creating apps that make the work process much more convenient. The functionalities increase employee satisfaction and make them more productive.

This is why business owners hire Android developers to create an on-demand app that covers their specific needs. No matter their size, organizations should implement the latest mobile app trends to enhance their business processes. While making a mobile app, it is necessary to install EV code signing certificate for higher authenticity and data integrity. Without this security, the code can be modified by hackers and users will have to face software warning during download.

7. Biometric Authentication

App Using Face Recognition

One of the crucial mobile application development trends is biometric authentication. The mentioned technology relies on people’s biological features. Everyone’s fingerprint and retina have a unique pattern, so that’s why this technology should be mainly adopted for security.

It is important to note that its implementation through various mobile devices is rapidly growing. Developers create apps that recognize the biometric features of an individual. The device scans your biometric data for maximum protection and avoids data breaches.

In this way, you don’t have to go through a lengthy process of authentication to open a data-sensitive app such as your financial information.

8. Cross-Platform App Development

The mobile app development space will adopt cross-platform applications for convenience. Many global brands already follow this trend.

However, its growth and implementation are supposed to increase in the near future.

9. Mobile Wallets

Person Paying With Phone

Mobile commerce is a growing sector that provides many opportunities. Therefore, they deal with a huge number of money transactions.

The applications for mobile payments should be comfortable to use and navigate through. Individuals will perform everyday transactions with these mobile wallets to speed up the process.

10. 3D Graphics for Mobile Apps

3D graphics are trendy in apps, providing the option for creating attractive visuals for various purposes. Users can create complex graphics within a few taps on their mobile device for free.

As new technologies emerge, the implementation of this trend will change to adapt to the changing needs.


The smartphone market share is ready for innovations and provides plenty of options for growth. Individuals use their mobile devices to perform everyday tasks such as ordering groceries, booking trips, and ordering food.

Companies understand that they can develop a close relationship with their customers through apps and be more competitive in the market. The development of mobile applications will motivate companies to implement improvements for a better user experience.

We expect the growth of streaming apps, mobile-connected smart objects, mobile wallet trends, and progressive web apps for maximum user experience.

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