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Trending in Business: Cutting Costs Around the Office

Trending in Business: Cutting Costs Around the Office 

As a business owner, you probably don’t need to be told that expenses are rising. So how do you cope with a growing monthly budget without compromising the quality of what you produce or risking employee dissatisfaction? Start by following the trend of making small cuts around the office to save big money.

Get Rid of Land Lines

If you’re still using a traditional phone service provider, switch to a Voice over Internet Protocol system. VoIP provides you with all the calling features you’re accustomed to at a fraction of the price of using traditional landlines.

Because an internet-based service doesn’t require the use of expensive communication lines that have to be built, connected, and maintained, the cost of VoIP calls is significantly lower than traditional phone calls. In the same way that landline companies pass their high operational costs to consumers with high rates, VoIP providers pass the savings of their lower costs onto users.

Reduce Paper Usage

Just as landline phones are becoming outdated, so, too, is excess paper usage. You can easily reduce your monthly paper bill by implementing a handful of conservation measures:

  • Set the office printer to duplex printing
  • Reset standard document layouts to use smaller margins and font sizes
  • Provide workers with two monitors to avoid the need to reference printed documents while working
  • Use software that captures electronic signatures on contracts and legal documents

Replace Breakroom Basics

Doing away with office amenities can damage employee morale, but swapping out breakroom items for more cost-effective options will save money without sacrificing job satisfaction. Rather than buying pallets of bottled water, install a cheaper (and more eco-friendly) cooler, or replace your old refrigerator with an energy-efficient model that includes a dispenser.

A coffee maker with a large pot rather than individual pods will save on the cost of water and electricity while investing in a soda maker eliminates paying for expensive bottled and canned beverages. Two more ideas include switching out pricy packaged snacks for fresh fruits and bulk nuts and swapping your disposal plates and utensils for reusable ones.

From transitioning to VoIP service to cutting back on paper consumption to revamping your breakroom offerings, these are just a few ways smart business owners are saving money around the office. By making one or more of these changes, you’ll be cutting your monthly expenses and boosting your bottom line without sacrificing employee satisfaction or product quality.


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