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What gaming devices are needed for a comfortable game in MMO

What gaming devices are needed for a comfortable game in MMO 

The MMO world is its own special atmosphere associated with character development, exploring the game world, communication with other players, and many exciting hours spent at the computer.

Gaming Screen

In order for the character to level up faster, and for the player to be more convenient and comfortable, there are a number of gaming devices that can greatly simplify the gameplay.

Let’s talk about them.


The main devices will be:

  • Gaming Chair
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Gaming headset
  • Monitor

Gaming Chair

The main source of comfort when spending time at the computer for a long time. Raids often drag on, and leveling up a character can also last up to 12 hours.

A gaming chair made of good materials, with the right frame, will significantly extend the amount of time without back pain and comfortable gaming.

Gaming Chair

It doesn’t matter which game you prefer.

If you decide to start your journey in WoW, or L2 – a good gaming chair will help you quickly go through the starting path and reach the maximum level of pumping. It doesn’t matter – you buy World of Warcraft gold, or you mine it yourself.

Game Mouse

The gaming mouse is essentially the most important device for all modern games. There are additional game buttons to which you can assign any key and a special program that allows you to program the mouse and remember game actions.

Gaming Mouse

For example, a player who plays the role of a tank – that is, a character who collects monsters and keeps them on himself while the party members kill them, can set up memorization of clicks and the character will run independently, without the participation of the player.

Gaming mice often come with a visual tint that you can customize to your favorite color – another lighting enhancement for a room.


The new keyboards come with beautiful colors, which are adjustable in the program, but this is not the most important thing. In addition to the visual effect, the keyboard is reconfigurable for any task and any key can be reassigned.

Gaming Keyboard

You can even combine the keyboard and mouse – write important game macros and run them with a simple click of a button, allowing the player to rest while the character kills hordes of monsters on his own.

Gaming headset

The importance of good sound in any game is invaluable, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a shooter or a fantasy world.

In a shooter it is important to hear every step and shot, in a fantasy MMO you can enjoy the game environment, sounds from the game, the sound of weapons swinging and spells, and just listen to a good soundtrack.

Gaming Headset

A gaming headset will serve you well even if you play without sound in the game but like to listen to music in the process. Modern headphones produce good sound for any musical taste.

If possible, buy headphones with a 7.1 system so that the sound stage is as wide as possible. So you will listen to game sounds and music with the effect “From all sides”.

Also, most headphones have a noise reduction effect – cutting off all extraneous noise that distracts from the gameplay.


The presence of a good display, preferably two, is a great help for a comfortable game.

If you buy two monitors, you can upgrade two characters at once, controlling each of them qualitatively. At least it’s cheaper than buying a laptop.

The first monitor should be with a high-quality display and it is desirable to support the resolution of 1920×1080. Such a monitor will be comfortable for the eyes for a long period of use.

Gaming Screen

It is better to take a monitor from 120 Hz. – So the picture will be smooth, and the animation and cursor speed as smooth and pleasant as possible.

Matrix type – IPS, or OLED. IPS is not expensive, OLED has brighter colors, but it also costs several times more. Choose according to your budget.


Having successfully combined a set of high-quality gaming chair, mouse, keyboard, gaming headset, monitor, you will be able to comfortably and quickly upgrade your game character – part of the tasks will be done by programs with the right settings and everything will be legal.

Game macros are not prohibited because, unlike bots, they do not make decisions on their own. But they will help the player as much as possible to take off some of the monotonous work in the process of pumping.

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