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12 Reasons to Invest in Crypto

12 Reasons to Invest in Crypto 

Today, there are about 36.5 million Americans who invest in crypto. Around the world, that number is 300 million.

Crypto Trading

If you’re dreaming of making more money, you might consider crypto but worry about risks and if it’s worth it. The good news is that there’s hope for the future! Read this guide on the top reasons to invest in crypto today.

1. An Easy Investment Opportunity To Start

It’s easy to get started and learn How to use crypto for social justice and profits. However, when you invest in cryptocurrency, you’ll want to start small.


Research the various tokens to choose the right option for you. Keep in mind that newer tokens might decrease in value and disappear.

A popular option is Bitcoin. It’s more likely to survive in the long term than the others.

You can begin online with a cryptocurrency wallet. Some wallets can be stored in the cloud. Choose the best crypto wallet on the market and make sure that your assets are kept safe.

2. Enjoy a Large ROI

When you buy crypto, you’re more likely to have a large return on investment (ROI). Bitcoin has been there toward the beginning, and its long-term viability is no contest. Other tokens have started to catch up and be worth hundreds and thousands of dollars per token.

3. Crypto Assets

Stablecoins are crypto assets that are being used as currency. There are digital wallets and crypto rewards cards that you can use.

You can transfer money to family, friends, and gamers worldwide. Each type of crypto has its own value.

Crypto Assets

You can store it in a cold storage device (offline) or hot wallet. Even if it’s offline, it’ll continue to gain value.

4. Be a Part of the Future

Purchase crypto and be a part of decentralized banking. You don’t need to use banks when you have crypto.

Avoid banks’ fees. Many countries are watching crypto, leaving many wondering how long it’ll stay decentralized.

5. Earn Passive Income

You can earn interest in crypto by trading, pooling, staking, and lending. The most popular passive income methods are lending and yield farming.

This is when you place your digital assets toward a crypto project for a short period. You’ll then receive a fee based on what you lend.


Staking is when distributed network participants agree about new data in the blockchain. It can a very profitable option.

Crypto Lending

The validators get new block rewards in Proof-of-Stake. You’ll need to have enough tokens to participate.


You’ll earn a profit by providing liquidity to other crypto users. You’ll receive the money-back plus interest.

The interest rate will depend on the project. It can range from 3-8%! If you lend with stablecoins, the rewards could be higher. Lending has inherent risks, do your research before participating in this method.

You can use margin lending with traders. This is when traders can increase their market positions by borrowing funds. You could also participate in peer-to-peer lending.

6. Many Places Accept Digital Currency

Many merchants, both on and offline, now accept digital currency. Check for a Bitcoin sticker on the door or front window to see if they participate. Many e-Commerce websites will let you do the same.

7. Blockchain Is Here To Stay

While there’s risk involved, Blockchain doesn’t look like it’ll go anywhere. Many businesses today are building themselves on crypto tokens.

Blockchain Infinity

Investors are placing virtual tokens into their portfolios. Many believe it’ll become a mainstream currency.

8. Inflation Protection

Thanks to its scarcity, you’ll have inflation protection. Many believe that prices for products are increasing due to fear of inflation.

Keep in mind that some coins might not have a maximum amount minted. Tokens continue to enter circulation every minute.

9. Have Control Over Your Crypto

Since agencies and the government have no control over crypto, you’re in total control. Only you can access your investment with a private key.

Crypto Control

The private key allows you to send, buy, and receive cryptocurrency. Free market economies haven’t stopped crypto, although other countries have.

10. Diversify Your Portfolio

Crypto is separate from stocks and bonds. This makes crypto a great addition to your portfolio.

You’ll still want to be cautious with investing in crypto, though. There aren’t financial advisors to help.

11. Great Transaction Costs

Cryptocurrency rates are low compared to other options. Transactions tend to be less expensive too.

Although, demand on the blockchain could increase transaction costs. Median transaction fees are lower than wire transfer fees.

12. Accessibility

You can access crypto on your internet connection or smartphone. Setting up a crypto wallet is easy, and you don’t need an ID. You also won’t need a credit or background check.

Coins are secure in your crypto wallet. Don’t share your private key, and then no one can access your funds. You’ll want to maintain access to your private key; if it gets lost, you won’t be able to receive your funds.

Crypto Accessibility

Your wallet address keeps your identity private. It’ll never give out your information. There are other methods to mask your coins as well.

But there’s transparency. Others can see how much crypto is in a wallet. This also reduces fraudulent transactions.

It shows proof when you send or receive crypto. Anyone can look up transaction data, including how much and when it’s sent.

Exploring Why To Invest in Crypto

After exploring this guide, you should better understand why to invest in crypto. While the profit can be large, so can the risk. Do plenty of research before you begin and don’t forget to check the best defi token.

You can also explore one of the best cryptocurrency guidelines platforms ecoterra to learn how you can earn profit with crypto trading.

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