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44 Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites
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44 Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites 

If you searched for the best free online movie streaming sites, then you have reached the right place. Here’s a list of streaming platforms where you can watch movies for free at any time.

When you are stuck at home, you might be seeking fresh ways to pass the time. And if you have seen all that Netflix and Disney+ have to offer and don’t want to subscribe to yet another platform. Of course, you can always resort to the Internet other free alternatives.

There are sure to be some movies you have not watched on one of the many free online movie streaming sites. So, we have compiled a list of platforms where you can watch on your laptop, streaming device, or phone.

Free Online Movie Streaming Sites

Whether you prefer undiscovered indie gems, old classics, or the latest hits, there is a platform for about any genre, taste, and streaming option.

You can browse through these free online movie streaming sites and find movies and Tv series. You are bound to find content that will give you hours of entertainment from the comfort of your sofa.

Although free movie streaming may sound like piracy, you can find many legal free movie streaming platforms on the Internet. These are jam-packed with movies that you can stream for free.

Finding free streaming video is very easy, whether you are looking for movies or TV series. You only need to know where to look. With that in mind, here are the top free online movie streaming sites to check out.



youtube yehiweb

It’s no surprise that the best free movie streaming site available on our list is YouTube. It is the most popular video-streaming website available. However, many people are not aware that YouTube offers tens of thousands of free movies in various genres.

It is the best platform to stream original content like gaming, cuisine. And if you have limited your range from streaming content to that. Then you are missing a prominent free movie source.

The Movies & Shows section of YouTube is a great place to find new and popular movies. You can also explore other genres and, of course, free movies that you can watch right now for free.



tubi yehiweb

Tubi is another top legal movie streaming site that offers free movies and series. You can find the latest movies from as recently as 2019 here, as well as old classics. In addition, thousands of free movies and TV series are available to stream right now on Tubi. 

But, there are some that you can stream only after buying or renting them. Tubi also offers a handy category on its platform called Leaving Soon. The Category comes in handy when you need to catch up on movies and shows while available. Also, don’t forget to go over the Not on Netflix section as well.

Tubi offers thousands of free tv shows and movies but is ad-supported like many others on this list. Tubi is also available as an App on Apple App Store, Roku Channel, Google Play Store, and Amazon App Store.



crackle yehiweb

Because Sony Pictures own Crackle, it is the best place to watch free movies online. They have hundreds of full-length films available for streaming at any time. These are big-name movies starring well-known actors. Crackle is a must-have for every movie fan, with a wide assortment of syndicated content and original productions. Its rotating collection fluctuates, but you will discover outstanding movies from a variety of genres here.

Crackle made our Best Free Streaming Services list because of its high-quality content library, playback, and other features. Crackle is also accessible as an app that can be downloaded and installed on a variety of devices. However, because this is an ad-supported network, there are several ads throughout the app.



popcorn flix yehiweb

Popcornflix, like Crackle, offers full movies with little commercials. You will discover a rotating selection of movies here, and there is no need to create an account to start streaming. On top of that, the service also offers some original content. There are over 1,500 films available on this site, including comedies, dramas, horror, action, romance, family films, documentaries, and foreign films.

Popcornflix is easy to use because of the movie’s categorization into popularity, genre, new arrivals, and staff favorites. Popcornflix is an excellent choice for free, legal movie streaming, with a large selection and easy navigation. There is no need to signup; simply press Play on the movie you want to watch and relax. It allows you to pause and restart playing, so you can watch these movies in sections if you wish.



yidio watch everything yehiweb

Yidio is a website that categorizes movies and shows you where you can stream them online. One of these categories is exclusively for free online movies. What distinguishes Yidio from the rest is that it functions similarly to a search engine for free movies, assisting you in finding all of the free sites to watch movies online. Yidio is not a video streaming platform, but it is a great aggregator of free streaming movies and TV shows. 

Yidio works by directing you to third-party services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, and other similar services. As a result, certain movies and shows require a subscription. You need to register for an account. However, Yidio is a great tool to assist users in finding the best online free movies.



vudu tv

Vudu is a video-on-demand (VOD) streaming service that offers free and paid access to hundreds of movies and tv shows. The free version is named “Movies On Us,” however, it does contain advertisements. Vudu is most known for digital video rentals and sales, but it also boasts an extensive library of free movies to stream. It is a fantastic service with many films and TV shows and new ones arriving regularly.

Vudu’s free section works similarly to Crackle in that it offers full movies with minimal advertisements. However, Vudu can provide free movies and TV shows by hosting films with ads. Vudu does require an account to use, but no monthly subscription fee is required. Vudu is also accessible as an app that can be downloaded and installed on a variety of devices.



the imdb tv yehiweb

IMDb TV is an Amazon-owned and operated streaming service that offers movies, TV shows, documentaries, and IMDb original shows. Are you aware that the famous movie database also offers a section for free movies? The IMDb TV service, which launched in 2019, lets anybody with a free IMDb account view various free movies and TV shows. 

You can stream this content on your Fire TV, Xbox, PlayStation, and other streaming devices in addition to online. IMDb is best known for its extensive library of movie information and trailers, but it also offers various free movies and tv shows. You can sort them by recently added, most popular, IMDb Originals, top-rated films, and genre. To use IMDb TV, you need to create an account, and this free service, like Tubi, is ad-supported.



pluto tv yehiweb

There is a lot to like about Pluto TV. First, you will find a Live TV section where you may navigate between channels similar to traditional cable.

You can switch to the Movies section on the left side to find channels that only play movies, though depending on when you start watching, they may be in the middle of something.

Pluto TV offers both an on-demand movie streaming website where you can choose from a collection of movies and a live TV service to view films and TV series as they become available.

Users can watch free movies on Pluto TV using any web browser or downloading an app on their Firestick, Roku, iOS, Android, and other streaming devices.


Peacock TV

peacock tv yehiweb

Peacock TV is NBC’s new streaming platform, launched on July 15, 2020. There are several free movies, TV shows, and live channels to pick from this streaming platform. There are thousands of hours of movies and Tv shows on this service, including originals that you will not find on any other sites—the films produced by studios such as Universal, DreamWorks Animation, and Focus Features. 

It is a relative newcomer to the free movie streaming market. While you can subscribe to Peacock Premium to watch top-class shows and movies like The Office and Despicable Me, there is also a lot available on the free tier. Create a free account, and you will be able to access plenty of NBC content across all of your devices. Unsurprisingly, there are advertisements in the free edition.



the kanopy channel yehiweb

Kanopy differs from the other free movie streaming sites in that you must first acquire a library card from a supporting library before you can stream anything. On the other hand, the movies are free of commercials. Although libraries are most commonly associated with books, they offer much more. For example, Kanopy, like Hoopla, allows you to stream a wide range of “thoughtful entertainment” movies for free if you have a participating library card or university login. 

Use the signup page to find your library, whether it is a public or school-affiliated one. You can start watching the movies on their website after your account is approved. Kanopy has thousands of movies, which are all listed here. In addition, there is an altogether separate section for children’s movies.


The Roku Channel

the roku channel yehiweb

The Roku Channel offers a variety of free movies. You can install The Roku Channel to your device if you have a Roku TV or streaming player, but even if you don’t, you can still watch all of the movies for free on your computer or mobile device. 

The selection rotates frequently, and there are categories on the main page to help you choose something you would like. Of course, you will have to sit through adverts, as usual, but ad-supported is free, right?



hoopla digital yehiweb

Hoopla has one access barrier, but it is still an easy way to watch movies online for free legally. You will have to create an account and link your supported public library card to use Hoopla. After that, you can use Hoopla to borrow movies and TV shows from your library, as well as audiobooks and ebooks. The platform is available on the Internet and through apps, including TV streaming boxes, for all your devices.


Free Movies Cinema

free Movies cinema Yehiweb

Free Movies Cinema, as the names suggest, offers legal free movie streaming. However, unlike many other sites, the collection includes short films and features and general categories like action and comedy. There is also a collection of fan-made movies based on video games of the same names, such as Portal and Watch Dogs.



con tv yehiweb

CONtv, previously known as Viewster, is a comic book and video streaming service. If you are just interested in Videos, you can use the dots in the top-left to show only Videos. There are still some free movies to enjoy among the TV series available, including several horror B-films. Some of it requires a subscription, but you can stream most of it for free.


Classic Cinema Online

classic cinema online yehiweb

Classic Cinema Online, as the name suggests, focuses on classic movies. Even its website, which has a backdrop of red theater curtains, has a distinctively retro feel. With films from the 1930s through the 1960s, you can take a trip through the decades. If you are interested, there are even some silent films available. Some of the selections may cause you to rethink what defines “classic cinema” Classic Cinema Online, which is a pure treasure for old-school movies.


The Internet Archive

internet archive movie archive yehiweb

The Internet Archive is a free digital library containing thousands of digital public works, including movies, TV shows, music, images, books, and more. On the Internet Archive, you can stream movies and TV shows from the year 2020 to the mid-1900s! The Internet Archive’s biggest flaw is its lack of content compared to the other streaming services on our list.


Top Documentary Films

top documentary films yehiweb

If you are looking for free documentaries, Top Documentary Films is a great place to start. It includes a diverse range of amateur documentaries that you may not have heard of before. To find something popular, go through the Top 100 documentaries, or go through the recently added movies or the various genres.



az movie yehiweb

Another popular and long-standing streaming website on our list is AZMovies. A vast collection of movies are available in high-definition streaming resolutions such as 1080p and 720p. “Watch all of your favorite movies without any limitations. Simply choose a movie that you love and stream it!” says the website’s slogan. It is and always will be free.” Visit AZMovies right now!


Solar Movies

solar movies yehiweb

SolarMovie is a popular new movie and tv show site. It has a wealth of high-quality links and even allows users to sign up for updates and other benefits. You can easily filter by CategoryCategory, including genre and country, to get a personalized streaming experience with SolarMovie.


123 Movies Go

123 movies yehiweb

On this list, 123Movies is one of the most popular and long-standing movie sites. Movies are available for streaming in 1080p with little to no ads or pop-ups. This website’s homepage is quite basic, with simply a search bar and Category options listed.

Therefore, it is possible that once you have selected your movie, you will have to press the play button many times to get it to start, although this is not always the case.


Go Stream

gostream yehiweb

GoStream is a fast working site with a ton of free movie streaming content. The links are in high resolutions and begin to play right away when selected. You can not go wrong with this website because it is ad-free and straightforward to use on any device. The only drawback of GoStream is that there are no TV shows to stream.


Movie Stars

movie stars yehiweb

Moviestars is a newer streaming service on this list. However, it has an extensive movie library. The lower ad frequency was one of the best features we discovered when navigating and viewing content when trying Moviestars. Even though this site gets fewer visitors than others, the platform is still gaining popularity.


Stream M4U

streamm4ucom Yehiweb

Streamm4U has a great set of filters for sorting across various genres and categories. Below the movie, users will notice a Backup source. As a second option, you can use backup streaming if your film does not play on the chosen Server.

You may have to press the play button many times before the stream starts, just as with others. Almost all titles on Streamm4U, however, have no buffering or latency once entirely played.



xumo yehiweb

XUMO TV is another popular free service that you can access via a streaming website or an app. There are hundreds of live channels to pick from on XUMO, in addition to thousands of free VOD titles. XUMO is on our list of Best Free IPTV Apps because of its extra Live TV features. 

XUMO is an ad-supported streaming service that allows you to watch various movies and TV shows for free with just one click and seamless playback.



moviesjoy yehiweb

MoviesJoy’s homepage has a simple search bar as well as famous movies and TV shows. If you want to search for content, you can do so by selecting various categories such as Genre, Country, and many others. The links are in 1080p HD and play very fast.

However, you may need to close out of some ads before your chosen content starts to play.

Yes! Movies

yesmovies yehiweb

Yes! Movies platform is popular among streamers all around the world thanks to their simple UI. If you know what you want to watch, you can use the simple search feature or choose the Movies/TV Shows Category at the top of the page for quick browsing. Another fantastic feature, Yes! Movies offer a news tab with tons of movies and TV shows up-to-date events. 

Watching a movie might be a little tricky because you may have to press the play button and the Stay Here button many times, but the links are generally in HD for a great streaming experience.



plex tv yehiweb

You might not believe it, But Plex Media Server now offers free movies, TV shows, and live television on any internet-connected device. The great thing is that none of this free content requires you to create an account! Plex sprang to prominence due to torrenting, but today thousands of people use it to watch free on-demand movies.



flixtor yehiweb

FlixTor is a streaming service with a user-friendly interface, a search function, smooth playback, extensive content collection, minimal ad annoyance, and more. According to its official site, FlixTor is a “fully automated video search engine.”



filmrise yehiweb

FilmRise is another great free movie streaming site with over 20,000 titles available. The platform is well-known for its extensive collection of classic films. You can install FilmRise as an app on various devices, including Firestick/Fire TV, Roku, Android, iPhone, etc.



soap2day yehiweb

Soap2Day has become one of the most well-known names in the world of free movie streaming sites in recent years. Many proxies popped up after the original domain of Soap2Day was taken down.



vumoo yehiweb

Vumoo is an excellent website for streaming movies and TV shows since it offers an easy-to-use interface. Vumoo is an excellent addition to our list of free movie websites because of its minimal ad frequency and seamless playback.



spacemov yehiweb

Another site that hosts 1080p videos for a High Definition experience is SpaceMov. It includes a fantastic main menu that allows you to search by genre, country, and other parameters. A description and a “Watch Trailer” button are two of the best features offered by SpaceMov. When you have made your choice, there is often a multitude of free streams available.



fmovies yehiweb

When it comes to streaming sites, another popular one is FMovies. This website offers the latest movies and tv shows in a variety of video resolutions. VOD content is categorized on the FMovies site by release date, genre, country, anime, most-watched, and other parameters. However, there are multiple mirror sites for FMovies. Using any of the previous URLs will take you to the active site.



primewire yehiweb

Primewire, like Putlocker, is one of the most well-known names in the world of online streaming services. 

This site was previously known as “LetMeWatchThis” and then “1Channel” before being rebranded “Primewire.” We found that advertisements might be annoying at times, but watching movies and tv shows on this streaming service made it worthwhile to include!



afdah yehiweb

Afdah is a popular streaming site that millions of visitors have visited in recent years. The website’s main categories are Featured Movies, HD Movies, Year, Country, Language, and many others.



my bundle tv yehiweb

The new and improved MyBundleTV, formerly known as SnagFilms, is a massive database for finding millions of movies online. This movie website functions similarly to Yidio in that both are search engines that assist visitors in finding their favorite movies.



123 Chill Yehiweb

The new and improved MyBundleTV, formerly known as SnagFilms, is a vast database for finding millions of movies online.

The website works similarly to Yidio in that both are search engines that help visitors find their favorite movies.


Stream Lord

stream lord yehiweb

StreamLord is an excellent option for all types of viewers because it allows you to upload subtitles and download content.

An ad-free, user-friendly site that runs quickly and efficiently. If you want to use this option, you can register for free on this site. Despite this, I have discovered that all streams work without logging in. If you are using Silk Browser, click Stay Here if you see an ad.



bounce tv yehiweb

Bounce, America’s first African-American broadcast network, airs on local television and cable stations around the country and online. In addition, you can watch movies, original television series, and other content online. 

You can watch movies on the Bounce website or download the Bounce TV app from the iTunes App Store for iPad and iPhone or from the Google Play Store for Android phones and tablets, much like many other free online movie streaming services.



fawesome tv yehiweb

With over 10,000 movies and shows in 25 genres, no subscription needed, and fast HD streaming, is sure to keep you entertained. 

While the website does not allow streaming, You can stream movies or shows on your FireTV, Roku, LG device, or use the app on most major mobile devices by downloading the Windows 10 app for free from the Microsoft Store, which also works on Xbox One.

You can search by title, browse by genre (including Action, Horror, LGBT, and more), or see what is trending.


Open Culture

fawesome tv yehiweb

If you prefer classic movies, Open Culture’s selection could be proper for you. You can find classics, indies, noir, Westerns, and more among their 1,150 free movies (mainly hosted on YouTube).

It does not feature images, sorting options, or other search tools like other free online movie streaming sites, nor does it offer applications that allow you to view movies on streaming devices. Open Culture, on the other hand, is simple to use. It might bring you to films that are not available on other sites.



redbox yehiweb

You might believe that Redbox is merely a DVD rental kiosk outside of grocery and drug stores. The company does, however, offer a streaming service, and some of the content is free. You can watch live TV or on-demand movies and series on the Redbox website or some smart TVs, streaming devices, and apps.


Sling TV

sling tv yehiweb

Sling TV offers a free account with no strings attached, even though its premium version has more features. Simply go to the Watch Sling website on your browser or a compatible device and begin streaming. To stream any on-demand movies or shows, you need to register a free account.



cineb net yehiweb

Cineb, a newer streaming website on the scene, rounds up our list of free movie websites. This site exceeded our expectations in terms of content selection, link quality, and playback experience!

Other Options for Getting Free Movies

Getting free movies by streaming them from the sites listed above is only one of many other options. You can also download movies for free and keep them for as long as you like, even if you don’t have access to the Internet.

If you do not find the movie you want, see how to get free movies from Redbox. If you pay for a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu, we have all the information you need to share your account with family and friends.

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