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Blogger Outreach Strategy in 2022 – How to Do It Right
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Blogger Outreach Strategy in 2022 – How to Do It Right 

What is blogger outreach

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The process of strategically building relationships and communicating with industry publishers and influencers to achieve specific goals, such as:

  • SEO and content marketing: Earning new backlinks, promoting new content, and landing opportunities for guest posting.
  • Influencer marketing: Building strategic partnerships with relevant influencers in the industry.
  • Partnerships: Promoting services and products to huge audiences.
  • PR: Gaining exposure through content and increasing brand awareness.
  • Utilizing a blogger outreach service 

How to create a perfect blogger outreach strategy

1. Set a clear goal

Setting tangible, clear goals will provide you with specific guidelines to measure the success of your outreach campaign.

You need to know what you want to accomplish. Hence, the SMART approach at this stage is a Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based framework that helps develop solid goals with clear criteria.

Ex: To get 30 new customers in 40 days, grow blog traffic by 20% a new quarter, connect and build relationships with 4 big influencers in 3 months, etc.

2. Look for influencers

The right influencers need to be targeted for a successful outreach campaign. To get started, create a simple spreadsheet to fill in their information such as name, email ID, website, social media handles, monthly traffic, and a column for notes.

An effective way to look for influencers is by using:

  • Google: Typing in the following queries such as top bloggers + “niche”, top blogs + “niche” can help you narrow down a list of potential bloggers.

If you want to land on sites with high volumes of traffic, use Spam Score or Mozbar

  • Content discovery tools: Tools like Buzzsumo help to locate top-performing content, relevant bloggers, content ideas, and trending topics in your industry for guest posting. The tool has an “Influencers” feature – by typing in relevant keywords, it finds top influencers on Instagram, Youtube, etc., and provides you with a list of suitable bloggers. Other tools include Buzzstream and Upfluence.

3. Reach out to your prospects

Connect with them personally and in a friendly manner instead of using pre-made mass-produced templates to avoid your mail ending up in the spam folder. An email outreach strategy is necessary to be taken seriously by a blogger and to create a mutually beneficial relationship.

Remember to be genuine, patient, and straightforward in the email; keep in mind to customize and tailor the email according to the influencer.

4. Guest posting


One of the most effective outreach strategies is guest posting, where you pitch a piece of content to an influencer and request them to post it on their blog. You need to understand the type of content they post, their audience, and why they write.

Before pitching, introduce yourself, personalize your pitch, and follow their guidelines. Guest posting is all about value delivery to their audience and yours.

Why blogger outreach is important

Building strong relationships with bloggers that have a massive following on social media platforms can drive massive growth for your business by:

  • Growing your network
  • Driving referral traffic via social media to your website
  • Boosting chances of link building

In short, blogger outreach comes down to identifying the channels where your audience hangs out online and building solid relationships with the owners of those channels.

Dileep Thekkethil Author Bio:
Dileep Thekkethil, a Journalism Postgraduate, was formerly with a US-based online magazine, is the Associate Director, Digital Content at Stan Ventures. He is a frequent blogger who keeps a tab on the latest updates in the SEO and technology arena.

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