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6 Tips and Tools to Skyrocket Your Online Business’ Profitability: The All in One Guide You Need

6 Tips and Tools to Skyrocket Your Online Business’ Profitability: The All in One Guide You Need 

Increasing your sales and revenue has always been among many business owners’ top goals.

However, it does not always come easy — or fast. It takes tons of time, effort, and the best strategies to convince customers to give you their money. It’s not a piece of cake like getting a loan with the help of Hunter Galloway.

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If you’re struggling to close truckloads of sales and revenues, check out these techniques and include them in your game plan for greater profitability:

1. Make Customers Fear Missing Out

The fear of missing out (FOMO) is among the essential psychological principles to implement for your marketing campaigns.

Why? Because FOMO is a highly effective driving factor for shoppers to buy in a flash. Almost nothing provokes them to grab your sales offers than the risk of losing their favorite items f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

FOMO in Action

Leverage These Different Fomo Triggers and Techniques:

  • Countdowns. Display timers on your floating bar, website banner, and other noticeable spots to show how long shoppers can take your offers.
  • Limited time promos. Entice customers to get specific items or discounts for a given period only. You can choose to tell them when the promo ends. Conversely, you can opt out of informing them so that they would act on the purchase right away.
  • Exclusive items. Showcase products specially designed for specific occasions, e.g., Christmas. Tell customers they might not get these designs ever again to prompt them to get your merchandise.
  • Remaining stocks. Show shoppers how many items your store has left on specific products. Choose to display the figure when it reaches a low point, e.g., 20 and below. Indicate the number in striking colors to highlight the information and make customers panic, and add the item to their virtual carts.

2. Use Site Builders Designed for Online Stores

Site Builder Designed for Online Stores in Action

Boost your online profitability by using ecommerce tools designed for that purpose.

Ecommerce website builders are among these profit-driven tools to use. Create your online store on these platforms from the get-go to maximize your online visibility and income-generating efforts.

Ecommerce platforms typically have built-in marketing features to help you promote your store. They guide you in creating SEO-friendly domain names and pages, provide attractive themes, and connect smoothly with social media platforms.

Ecommerce platforms also offer in-built payment features (unlike other website builders), allowing more seamless payment gateway integrations.

These site builders also simplify computations by providing readily available calculators, easy-to-integrate EPOS and sales tax software, etc.

3. Create Highly Polished, Compelling Content

People Enjoying Highly Polished and Compelling Content

Content marketing is an evergreen strategy for generating sales, conversions, and revenue. Through it, you can offer tangible value, showcase how to improve your customers’ lives, and convince them to purchase.

Create compelling content by knowing your shoppers’ pain points and addressing them with your products, among other solutions.

Come up with a list of general and specific topics to talk about. Additionally, diversify your content materials to reach customers with different consumption preferences. Produce blog posts, videos, infographics, photos, eBooks, and more.

However, you should also ensure your content is high-quality. Doing so makes you look professional and persuades buyers that your products are just as excellent.

To guide you in your production process, create a functional content calendar. You can use content calendar plugins to help you add, edit, and reschedule posts from one place. You can also organize drafts, create checklists and pipelines, and enhance your SEO through these tools.

That way, you can smoothly manage your content and still effectively boost your marketing and profitability.

If you don’t have the time or expertise to create compelling content or if you need more than a tool (or tools) to implement a solid content marketing strategy, get help from professionals.

For instance, working with the Socialfix digital marketing agency can help you develop your eCommerce website, branding, and social media content.

4. Organize Virtual Events

Virtual Event in Progress

Host and monetize virtual events by sharing exclusive information and other customer benefits, then asking for reasonable registration fees.

Customers willingly invest in these activities to get something valuable in return, be it knowledge, expanded networks, prized merchandise, etc.

Before organizing a virtual activity to profit from, identify your purpose and audience type since events differ according to these factors.

For example, summits differ from conferences in that the former gathers major-league organizational leaders for issue-resolving purposes. The latter convenes generic sectors to exchange new ideas, industry updates, and opinions.

Conventions allow fandoms to meet up; trade shows enable businesses to showcase their products, check out their rivals, etc.

Next, ensure offering tangible value to your attendees. Invest in inviting highly qualified resource speakers and other benefits, depending on your objectives.

Then brainstorm on your event’s branding personality, which should still align with your business (and direct partners, if any).

Craft a marketing strategy to launch at least three months ahead, including your monetization program. Then get set to inviting presenters and attendees and creating a buzz online.

5. Provide First-rate Customer Service

Customer Service Agent

Customer service is among the make-or-break factors in your income generation efforts.

If you provide lousy and frustrating customer interactions, you can lose your buyers for life. If you give a pleasant service delivery, your shoppers will return and recommend your store.

Here Are Ways to Provide First-rate Customer Service:

  • Remain courteous in your interactions
  • Acknowledge customer feedback
  • Promptly address shopper complaints
  • Elevate your technical expertise to improve your customer support
  • Listen to your shoppers and understand their pain points
  • Empathize with your buyers
  • Personalize your customer interactions, messages, and packages
  • Remember previous conversations and pick up from there (when applicable).

Additionally, leverage the best customer service tools to improve your strategies.

These platforms centralize your customer communications, support services, contact management, reward programs, and coordination among agents.

Customer service software can also integrate chatbots powered by artificial intelligence (if you install one), provide automation features, and more.

By elevating your customer service quality, you can expect shoppers to keep flocking and patronizing your store, leading to increased sales and revenue.

6. Partner With Influencers to Endorse Your Brand

Social Media Influencer

Influencers have powerful roles when marketing your brand. They have a massive social following that acknowledges their niche authority and looks up to their recommendations.

So work with influencers to expand your online visibility, customer base, and sales opportunities. These people need not be Hollywood stars but still prominent and considered celebrities in specific niches. While partnering up with celebrities will definitely help make your brand more recognizable, you need to make sure your brand strategy is properly set up from the start. Getting some help from trusted branding services agencies will put you on the right track.

For example, Gary Vee is a known digital marketing speaker. Charli D’Amelio is a TikTok star, and Rebekka Pytell is popular among gluten-free food lovers.

You can find influencers fit for your business on tools such as, Heepsy, Followerwonk, and more.

You only need to type in relevant keywords and enhance your filters, and the software will yield results showing influencers’ following on various platforms, among other things.

Once you pick the best influencer for your business, reach out to them and propose enticing packages. Make sure your offer is competitive since your rivals may also be vying for their acceptance.

Pursue Profitability With These Tools and Tips

These tips and tools are an excellent start to optimize and streamline your strategies and steadily grow your income. So begin investing in them and watch your sales performance and business fly over time. At the end of the day, a cloud accounting software solution is not the only tool worth the price.

Remember that none of these tips will be helpful if you have a lousy website. Because of that, make sure to check out WPMU DEV’s all-in-one WordPress platform that combines multiple tools and licenses into one – allowing you to save money and streamline your development workflow.

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