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How to Make Image Background Transparent in MS Paint

How to Make Image Background Transparent in MS Paint 

Make image background transparent: Images with a transparent background can be useful in many situations. Images with transparent backgrounds stack very well on each other, and your specific task may necessarily require the use of images with transparent

backgrounds. However, in MS Paint, Windows’ built-in image editor, there is no way to save images with transparent backgrounds.

Many Paint users are perplexed by an option in the Select tool’s Image group on Paint’s Home tab. You can turn the Transparent Selection option on and off here. 

When Paint users choose this option, they are hoping that their saved picture will have a transparent background. Regrettably, this is not the case. The Transparent Selection option is only available in the Paint application and only with a white background. Follow these steps to try this option.

Make image background transparent

make image background transparent white background transparent in ms paint yehiweb

Check Transparent Selection with the small arrow on the Select tool in the Image group.

Select an area of the image that includes both the image and the white background.

Copy and paste this selection to a different area of the image.

The white part of the selection is transparent, as you can see. However, the white area of the image will not be transparent when you save it.

Fortunately, there is a way to make images with transparent backgrounds using a hack. This hack, however, requires Microsoft PowerPoint to function. You’re good to go if you have Microsoft PowerPoint installed. To remove the background color from your image, follow these steps.

Remove Background Color from Images

Open Microsoft PowerPoint and insert your image.

Choose the image.
Navigate to the Adjust group in Picture Tools and select the Color option.
set transparent yehiweb

Select Set Transparent Color menu. Your mouse cursor will be equipped with a color selection tool. In your picture, precisely click on the color you want to remove.

The color will be fully removed in an instant. Right-click the image and select Save as the image.

In the Save As Picture dialogue box, select PNG from the Save as type dropdown menu.

save as picture yehiweb

Please keep in mind that if the background color is present in other areas of the picture, it will be removed as well.

The background of your saved image will be transparent.

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