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Outriders: How to Choose a Path (& How They Work)

Outriders: How to Choose a Path (& How They Work) 

For each of the four classes open to Outriders, which is the best for them, focused on elementary and physical damage?

Outriders have a wide variety of classes to choose from, as well as even more variety after they’ve made their choice. There is no perfect answer for any player between the Devastator, Pyromancer, Technomancer, and trickster. A person’s character would need to take a different base path depending on their preferred playstyle.

In addition to the combat style that fits them most, each route offers certain supernatural talent. However, within the three subclasses, each path can be adjusted further. Any direction to be learned even more than the fundamental knowledge provided to the players is the range in which the class fights well and for what it works.

Why should Outriders Players choose The Devastator?

devastrator outriders yehiweb

At first glance, the Devastator appears to be a standard tank build. Although it can withstand a lot of damage and hold its ground, players will also be able to control the earth beneath them and use gravity to their benefit. This class, like all others, has eight abilities that players can gain through the course of their game, starting with one and upgrading to more as they play. Aside from that, the class has three major skill trees, each of which is divided into subclasses.

Devastator’s starting traits are as follows: +24% health advantage per enemy defeated within close range, +25% max health bonus, and +30% armor bonus.

Skill Tree: Vanquisher – (Close Range Combat and Heavy Damage Dealer)

Skill Tree: Warden – (Heavy Tank and Support)

Skill Tree: Seismic Shifter – (Mid to Long Range DOT)

Devastator Abilities:

1Gravity LeapA handy jump for avoiding attacks and diving into the fray to defend comrades. On impact, this hop also produces a shockwave.
2Reflect BulletsAn energy shield that deflects bullets fired at the player when he or she is inside it. When the power goes out or is turned off, all of the bullets that have been collected will be fired at surrounding opponents.
3ImpaleA seismic ability that causes a spike to emerge from the earth, impaling a specific enemy or enemies.
4Endless MassSummons an obelisk that induces gravity in the form of a black hole, drawing in and damaging nearby opponents.
5EarthquakeAnother seismic ability that sends a shaking rupture into a targeted area, damaging and knocking enemies over.
6GolemFor a limited time, this seismic ability gives the player an additional sheet of armor torn from the earth.
7TremorAn AOE centered on the player causes the ground to constantly burst and quake. This will knock down opponents and hold them away from the player for a short time.
8Boulder DashAnother AOE that is done at the end of a dash revolves around the character.

Why Should Outriders Players choose Pyromancer?

Pyromancer Outriders Yehiweb

The Pyromancer is by far the heaviest damage dealer, dealing mostly fire and lava damage from a mid-range. This would be the closest thing to a Warlock or Spellsword type class but isn’t nearly as dangerous as a glass cannon. Its abilities are primarily based on doing damage through AOE and DOT, with some healing thrown in for good measure.

Pyromancer starting traits are as follows: +15% bonus to max health, +10% bonus to ability power, skills can mark damaged enemies for 15 seconds. Killing these marked enemies gives +24% healing to the player.

Skill Tree: Ashbreaker – (Increased Power Damage and Marked Kills focus)

Skill Tree: Fire Storm – (Increased Fire Damage and Status Effects)

Skill Tree: Tempest – (Support/Tank with Lots of Buffs)

Pyromancer Abilities:

1Thermal BombBurns a single target a short distance away from the player from the ground up until it bursts, doing AOE damage. This marks the target while dealing damage to it.
2Ash BlastAOE that sends smoldering ash out from the character, sticking to surrounding enemies for a few seconds.
3HeatwaveCreates a wave of fire that travels in a straight line away from the player, damaging everyone in its direction.
4All the HeatA big AOE that focuses on the character and deals a small amount of damage. Those who are already burning, though, can take additional damage from this strike.
5Volcanic RoundsAdds the burning status effect to the player’s weapon ammo.
6Heat AbsorptionA health stealing ability that sucks the target in and coats them in ash.
7Phaser BeamFires an energy beam with 120 percent of the player’s status power. Damage and status effects are dealt with the targeted opponent, with a lesser AOE damage dealt with surrounding enemies.
8EruptionSummons a volcanic eruption under the feet of a selected opponent, dealing heavy damage to the target as well as slight AOE damage.

Why Outriders players should choose Technomancer?

Technomancer outriders yehiweb

The Technomancer is the most versatile class, serving as both a support sniper and a long-range weapon specialist. Although not as “magical” as the other classes, this path requires the player to use scrap metal to shape and craft larger standing weapons on battlefields. The Technomancer, as a support class, has some of the strongest healing powers of the four levels.

Technomancer’s starting traits as follows: +7.5% Long Range Weapon Damage, +15% Life Leech, and +150% Weapon Life Leech

Skill Tree: Pestilence – (Focuses on Decay Skills and Damage Output)

Skill Tree: Tech Shaman – (Healing Focused with Minor Damage Bonuses)

Skill Tree: Demolisher – (Well-Rounded Tree with Buffs, and More Scrap Weapons)

Technomancer Abilities:

1ScrapnelA proximity bomb that can be dropped and explodes as enemies come too near, dealing AOE damage.
2Cryo TurretBuilds a turret that can drop next to the player and automatically fire opponents with frozen projectiles, slowing them down.
3Pain LauncherLaunches a volley of missiles in a straight line at a concentrated field of targets.
4Fixing WaveThe game’s only skill that helps players to heal their comrades. It can also be used to restore scrap arms and weapons that have been dropped in combat.
5Blighted DronesProvides decay-infused ammunition for whichever firearm the player is actually wielding.
6Tool Of DestructionOffers the player with a temporary weapon of their choice. A rocket launcher is usually present, but players can also get a pistol or a minigun.
7Cold SnapAOE that freezes enemies in near proximity to the player.
8Blighted TurretA standing flamethrower-like device that fires toxic acid, allowing them to acquire the toxic status effect.

Why Outriders Players should choose Trickster?

Trickster outrider yehiweb

This path is very similar to a rogue playstyle, similar to how the class sounds. Close-range combat and teleportation are the Trickster’s specialties. They are fast on their feet and much quicker when it comes to leaping into and out of combat.

Trickster’s starting traits as follows: Damage Protection from active Shields is increased by 15%, Total Health Heal is increased by 20%, and Shield Gain is increased by 12% for enemies that die in near range.

Skill Tree: Master of Space – (Focused on Close Range Damage and Speed with Shotguns and SMGs)

Skill Tree: Harbinger – (Tank-like with Bonuses in Shield and Armor Ratings)

Skill Tree: Assassin – (Classic Stealth Focused with Bonuses to Anomaly Skills)

Trickster Abilities:

1 Temporal Slices Stretches the player’s arm as an energy longsword. Dealing a large amount of damage to all surrounding enemies. Enemies are also slowed and explode as a result of this ability.
2 Slow Trap A huge AOE that greatly slows all enemies trapped in the space.
3 Borrowed Time Creates a copy of the player to sprint in a different direction, alleviating the player’s pressure for a brief period of time.
4 Hunt The Prey Teleport behind an opponent to earn a shield bonus.
5 Twisted Rounds Provides anomaly-infused bullets in whichever firearm the player is using, which last before the player reloads. These bullets boost the player’s damage by more than 1,000 points.
6 Cyclon Slice Constructs a whirlwind of anomaly blades that bounce from enemy to enemy.
7 Time Rift Suspends opponents in the air, stopping them from striking and imposing Weakness on them.
8 Venator’s Knife Launches a temporal knife that can bounce between up to five opponents in a short circle, marking them. This will do initial damage as well as DOT to marked enemies while also slowing them.

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